How dogs are cured

How dogs are curedHow are dogs cured? The zoologist S. Antipov in the journal “Young Naturalist” (1969, No. 11) describes the case of the 78th mother dog of frozen puppies. It is known that puppies and many mammals remain poikilothermic for several days of postnatal ontogenesis. If they find themselves in low temperature conditions and without maternal heating, their body temperature can drop to 2 ° C. Outwardly, such animals seem dead.


The dog Violin, having found dead puppies, began to lick them aggressively, to use techniques that promote artificial respiration. After 12 hours, six puppies were revived and subsequently developed normally.


D. Sinitsyn (1922) and N. Noskov (1940) conducted a similar experimental study on various mammals. As a result, it was proved that frozen puppies, lambs, calves of their mothers can be revived without human intervention.


According to D. Romes, G. Celli and others, the dog, bitten by a snake, is cured, looking for and eating grass known to it.


How are dogs cured? To find out which herbs are eaten by dogs for treatment, N. Sox conducted several experiments.From a cross between a pooch and a sheep-dog, which was stuffed up in October, they took two puppies - males, aged 45 days. Puppies were raised separately from mother and other animals. With the onset of spring, they were kept in an isolated courtyard, where a rich variety of vegetation grew. Puppies were fed 3 times a day with rhythmically and full-fledged food in plenty, they had free access to tap water (Caspar Gauzer method).

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