How many flowers to give?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
August 1, 2012
How many flowers to give?

For almost every girl, flowers are the most welcome gift from a man. And all because the bouquet of flowers is able to tell about the feelings that the guy is experiencing, to show how generous he is. The peculiarity of the flowers is that each of them sends a message to the recipient. The white lily says “I admire you!”, The red rose confesses to love, the chrysanthemum recognizes you as a good friend. Does the number of flowers in a bouquet affect the message being transmitted and how many flowers to give to tell as much as possible?

How many flowers to give a girl

Understanding the right amount of colors is not that difficult. If you want to give a sign of attention, it is enough to give one flower. Three flowers will tell about your respect for their recipient, but recognition of it will help to show a bouquet of five flowers.

The biggest effect, of course, causes a large bouquet of flowers. Therefore, if you want to show your adoration to the object of lust, then present it with seven flowers, nine you will say "I am at your feet."

Finally, I will clarify that in Russia it is not accepted to give bouquets with an even number of flowers. These bouquets bring only for the funeral. Even if you are giving a large bouquet of flowers, do not be lazy to count each bud, so as not to offend your loved one and not spoil the impression from the gift.

How many flowers you can give your loved one, each man decides for himself, as well as decides what flowers the bouquet will consist of. The main thing - do not forget that you need to give flowers for no reason. The extraordinary unexpected bouquet of flowers will delight the girl much more than the tulips on duty on March 8, when several millions more women will receive the exact same flowers all over the country.

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