How to add a font in Photoshop?

Jan Veselova
Jan Veselova
May 16, 2012
How to add a font in Photoshop?

Very often, the font plays an important role in creating graphic images. Having picked up a stylish, expressive font, you can solve many of the tasks set before us. But not everyone knows how to add a font in Photoshop. Before installing the font, you should make sure that it is possible to write texts in Cyrillic, because Many fonts are limited to Latin letters.

Now let's look at several ways.

The first is not a difficult way to add a new font, is to perform the following steps. We find the font we need through the browser search bar. Select the appropriate and download it to a separate folder. On the computer, click "Start", then "Control Panel", if there you have not found the folder "Fonts", then go ahead and click "Designs and Themes" (or "Design and Personalization"). Next, we see the side of the folder "Fonts" and open it. Then copy or drag the font we need into this folder. Launch the Adobe Photoshop program and open the font list in the text control panel.There we find the font that they wanted to use.

The second way is to install the font through Windows. To do this, go to the folder C: Windows \ Fonts and in the menu "File" select the command "Install Font". In the Explorer window that appears, we find the fonts that were going to install and install. It is important to remember that in the C: Windows \ Fonts folder you can copy only the unpacked font file. Before installing the font, close all applications that use fonts. The font that we install will not be available until the application is restarted. In other cases, you may need to restart the computer. After restarting or rebooting, you can use this font.

Have a nice work.

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