How to admire a solar eclipse in Yekaterinburg

On March 20 in our city it will be possible to observe a partial solar eclipse. Woman’s Day has learned where and how to do it.

Our consultant is Tatiana Nikiforova, Senior Researcher, Astrophysics and Solar Physics Department at the UrFU Astronomical Observatory.

Solar eclipse
The last time such a solar eclipse was 16 years ago
Photo: archive "Telesem"

- March 20, we expect a partial solar eclipse. It will be complete only in the North Pole region - on the Spitsbergen archipelago, the village of Barentsburg, and also in the region of the Faroe Islands. In all other parts of the Eastern hemisphere, including Yekaterinburg, the eclipse will be partial.

At 14:45 local time, the solar disk will begin to obscure the shadow of the moon, at 15:45 we will see the sun already in the form of a sickle. Approximately 42% of the Sun will be shaded, that is, almost half of the disk. Then the shadow will gradually begin to descend due to the movement of the moon across the sky and by 4:41 pm the sun will fully open.The last time the eclipse of this level, we observed only in 1999.

This, of course, is a very interesting and beautiful sight! The weather promises a good, clear, so for 2 hours, that the eclipse will last, it can be well considered anywhere in the city. We recommend looking at the eclipse from 15 to 16 hours - at this time the formed sickle will be clearly visible. But when observing, do not forget about the safety rules:

1. In no case can one look at an eclipse with an unprotected eye - the radiation is so strong that it can cause damage to the retina and even loss of vision. Sunglasses also do not protect - they only help from visible light, and a lot of ultraviolet emanates from the Sun, from which plastic glasses will not save.

2. Use smoked glass - it is easiest to smoke them on a candle. Also, special filters (from cameras or telescopes) are suitable for monitoring. Masks and welders will do. But if all this you can not find, then there is another option. Find the old floppy disk (they are hardly needed by anyone now, but many people keep it out of habit), break it and remove the vinyl disk from its insides.It can be perfectly used instead of the filter.

3. I would not recommend photographing an eclipse without special filters and taking a selfie on its background, unless you are a professional, you can easily spoil your technique.

A solar eclipse occurs 3-4 times a year, but it is almost never visible in Yekaterinburg. Therefore, you need to use your chance this year! And the total eclipse for our region is a great rarity. The nearest wait only in 2061.

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