How to align floors without screed under linoleum

You will need
  • - sheet building material;
  • - boards for log;
  • - fasteners.
The floor for laying linoleum can be quickly and easily leveled without screed, if the height differences are small. This is done with the use of dry fill and material like chipboard, plywood. Carrying out the repair of the floor makes it possible to lay the linoleum in such a way that its joints are smooth, and the surface turns out without differences in height, beautiful and smooth. So the life of linoleum is more than without pre-treatment of the base.
Clean the base from trash, dirt, putty. From unplaned boards, build on the basis of the lag on which the material will be laid. Strengthen the lags with anchors, the distance between them is better to do 30 cm. The surface should be strictly horizontal.
Check surface level using construction level.If there are drops, slopes, surface defects, they must be corrected - this can be done with the use of wooden wedges. Place them in problem areas to correct the level to an acceptable level.
Perform crate. On logs, fix bolts with screws, choose a step depending on the size of the sheets of material. Lay on top of the lag sheets of wood-fiber plates or plywood. The material must be treated with antiseptic. After laying, seal the seams together.
In the same way it is possible to level a wooden floor on which there is a large amount of irregularities. If it is intended for laying linoleum, but has local irregularities or small defects, you should not tear it off completely to make another basis. The easiest option is to level such a floor using sheets of moisture-resistant plywood with impregnation. Sheets with a thickness of up to fourteen millimeters are attached to the main wooden floor with screws, fitting them along the edges.

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