How to animate psp

You will need
  • - MS Duo flash drive with a capacity of at least 256 megabytes, but not more than 4 GB;
  • - the second working PSP prefix with firmware version 1.5 or modification;
  • - firmware file 1.50, which can be downloaded from the Internet;
  • - Pandora's Battery Firmware Installer and Pandora's Battery Creator utilities
To transfer the PSP to the recovery method, you need to use a special battery, which can be made under normal conditions from the standard battery for the PSP, and after the recovery procedure, return it to its normal state.
Insert the USB flash drive into the working PSP and connect the console through the USB cable to the computer.
Format the media using standard system tools (the right mouse button is “Format”). As a format, it is desirable to choose FAT32. Then go to the command line (“Start” - “All Programs” - “Standard” - “Command Line”) and launch the utility of special formatting using the command mspformat.exe X, where X is a flash drive letter.
Disable USB mode on the PSP and turn it on again. Create a PSP / GAME150 folder on the memory card and copy the battery and installer folders to this directory.Download the downloaded update 1.5 to the root of the flash drive (the file should be named UPDATE.pbp).
Disable USB mode again and run Pandora’s battery firmware installer. Turn on the USB on the console again and copy the file msipl.bin to the root of the C drive.
Run the command line enter the command:
msinst.exe X c: /msipl.bin
X - a flash drive letter in the system. Disconnect USB again and run Pandora’s Battery Creator on the console. To put the battery in service mode, hold down the X button of the device.
Insert the Magic Memory Stick into the console and insert the battery. Turn on the device and after the appearance of the menu, hold down the X key. Downgrade mode will start, after which you will be able to return the battery to normal mode. Remove the USB flash drive from the PSP, plug in the recharging and completely turn off the console. Turn on the console and insert the USB flash drive, and after loading, insert the battery. Start Pandora’s Battery Creator again and press []. Turn off again, and then turn it on again. Battery mode changed.

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