How to ask for forgiveness?

between a man and a woman, girlfriends or friends is inevitable, as there are no people with the same opinions and characters. Therefore, sometimes there are misunderstandings, as a result of which we often slander a lot of excess, which we later regret. But how to fix the error? How to properly and originally ask for forgiveness? And is it worth doing?

Should I ask for forgiveness?

"Do I have to apologize?" - this question is asked by almost every person who found himself in an unpleasant situation and quarreled with a person close to him. The question is especially acute when you are not at fault, and the opposite side does not want to make contact. Despite all these details, it’s still worth asking for forgiveness.

How to ask for forgiveness?

Reasons why you should apologize:

  • Bias.

It only seems to you that you are not guilty. Both men made mistakes in any quarrel, otherwise there would be no conflict situation at all. This applies to family, and friendly and companionship. If you respond to your abuser with the same words, heightened tone or with a displeased look, you are already making a mistake.Therefore, definitely, it is worth asking for forgiveness, even if you consider yourself affected in what happened. You agree that it is very simple to say: “Sorry for not stopping in time”, “I could not restrain myself”, “It is embarrassing for me that I raised my tone when communicating with you,” however, the result after saying such words will not take long to appear.

  • The only way to return the relationship.

To ask for forgiveness is not a weak act, on the contrary, it is an indicator and a distinctive feature of strong people! So do not think that for a man to ask for forgiveness from a girl or wife is humiliating. One ridiculous situation is not a reason to play “in silence”, not to talk or hang up. Go through yourself, and then the opposite side will see that you are a humble person, in which all manifestations of pride and selfishness are absent.

  • Resumption of communication.

If the person with whom you quarreled is not very close to you, but you are forced to communicate with him, then asking for forgiveness is a wise thing. As a result, you will be able to cooperate again.

How to ask for forgiveness: rules and recommendations

How to ask for forgiveness?

Everyone can say "I'm sorry", but to ask for forgiveness correctly is an art that anyone can learn, knowing certain rules.

  1. Realize the guilt.

In order for the words of apology to be truly sincere, you need to understand what happened wrong and what you need to correct. To begin with, objectively evaluate the events that have occurred, only consider them from the side of another person. Think about how it would be better to do what you said was the cause of the conflict and how to proceed in the future. When you understand the error, your apology will be quickly accepted by your loved one or friend. Moreover, in response, he will want to ask your words for forgiveness for his own mistakes.

  1. Preparation in apologies.

Although memorized words in communication are not an indicator of sincerity, you still need to think about what to say. Preparation consists in choosing the appropriate situation. Do not come to the life partner for such a conversation, when you see that he is tired and still nervous. In this case, there is a chance to repeat the quarrel, so it's better to wait patiently for a more suitable moment.

Although time plays a significant role, do not overstand an apology. Reconciliation should be carried out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Important for reconciliation.Avoid the appearance of other people at the time of conversation. This is especially true of children, they should not see and feel that something unpleasant is happening between the parents. Asking for forgiveness by phone is not very wise, since the interlocutor will not be able to fully verify your sincerity. Such situations are exceptions if you live far from your boyfriend and girlfriend. However, the best option will still be communication over the Internet when you see each other.

  1. Reconciliation.

5 main factors how to ask for forgiveness. These include:

  • Confession of guilt. This is the first and simple stage, which requires an elementary phrase: "I am sorry."
  • Awareness of what was wrong. At this stage, you need a clear statement of what your mistake was. Common phrases for complete reconciliation will not work. Speak clearly and to the point: what was wrong with your deed?
  • The desire to change the situation. Your confession of guilt will also be seen in the fact that you are ready to change and do something for a person close to you.
  • Repentance is expressed in the fact that you will do everything possible not to repeat your mistake. It is enough to express it with the words: "I promise that I will not do this anymore."
  • A strong desire to receive forgiveness for their deeds.If your pride allows you to once again say the words of apology and add “Forgive me, please,” to them, then for the interlocutor - this is an indicator that you repent.

You should not deliberately cry to achieve the desired result, because you’re not enough what you will achieve with tears, and sincere words of repentance will help you reconcile and not repeat such situations again.

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness, especially if you do not feel guilty or always go first to meet a friend. However, relationships in the family or between friends are much more valuable than our pride and egoism, which keep us from apologizing.

How to ask for forgiveness in an original way?

How to ask for forgiveness?

After a serious quarrel, it is difficult to reconcile immediately, so it is sometimes appropriate to prepare carefully and ask for forgiveness in a more original and unexpected way for another person. However, you should not do the show and involve other people in it. It is best not to know about what happened.

Relevant humor and a gentle smile are proven methods for quick reconciliation.

Originality will manifest itself in the fact that, taking into account the nature and interests of the person, you will choose the situation or plan it yourself to raise the mood of another person.Make a gift, invite a life partner to the restaurant, create a video with pleasant moments in your friendship or life together, plan to visit a place with which you have many exciting events. This will help a person forget about what happened and enjoy the best moments in your relationship.

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