How to assemble the door?

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How to assemble the door?

In the process of building a new house or finishing an apartment, as well as during the maintenance of the premises, it is often necessary to replace an entrance or interior door. Many invite professional installers for this purpose, but some decide to assemble the door with their own hands. The principle of assembly of interior doors and entrance doors is almost the same, only higher requirements for tightness and safety are imposed on the entrance doors. Read more about this in the article Doors.

Before starting the installation work, prepare the necessary tools.

List of tools

To install a wooden interior door you will need

  • Circular saw or hand saw with tuslom (to help for cutting parts at an angle);
  • A chisel or electric milling cutter (we will create hollows in the wood for it);
  • Level;
  • Nails (caps should be fine);
  • Screwdriver, screws;
  • Drill;
  • A hammer;
  • Construction foam;
  • Pencil, dowels, wooden blocks for wedges.

To install the front metal door you need the same tools.To them, perhaps you can add a welding machine, if you want to weld the hinges or, if there are no anchor bolts available. More information on this topic can be found in the article How to make a door.

Preparing the door leaf

Before you install the interior door, you should prepare the door leaf. To do this, you need to fasten the loop, and then the handle.

Fasten the loop

  • A chisel or electric cutter at the end of the door makes recesses under the hinges. They should be located from the edges of the door at a distance of 20 cm from the top and from the bottom;
  • The next stage is the slopes. They are cut off at an angle of 45aboutApply to the door and mark the place of the hinges on the door jamb. All the same chisel or mill make recesses under the door hinges;
  • We put hinges in recesses made on the doors, drill holes for screws in the drill (the drill in diameter must be less than the diameter of screws). Hinges fasten to the door. You will find the latest information on the subsequent care of these parts in the article “How to lubricate the door.”

Fasten the handle

  • On the side opposite to the hinges, we drill a hole at a height of 90-120 cm from the floor to install the latch.For work we use a drill of the big diameter;
  • Insert the latch into the recess and draw a pencil around it to “drown” at the door;
  • We make a recess with a cutter just so that the valve body is on a par with the end of the door;
  • Mark the place of attachment of the door handle and drill holes;
  • We insert the latch into the finished recess, fasten it with screws, after which they themselves fasten the handles on both sides of the door;
  • With the help of the hexagon, we install decorative overlays.

Preparing the box

The door is ready, now you need to figure out how to make the box. Collecting it correctly will help the following procedure:

  • The ends of the transverse door frame are cut with a hacksaw with a mute at an angle of 45about;
  • Measure the canvas and make a doorway from the slopes of millimeters five wider;
  • In the corner sections, small holes are drilled to connect the box with a drill. (If the door is equipped with platbands and slopes that already have cuts and fastenings, then nothing is necessary to drill. In this case, the fasteners are made using plastic pegs from the kit, which are driven into corners);
  • DoorShorten the slopes to the size of the door leaf, taking into account the fact that between the door and the floor there will be a gap of one and a half centimeters;
  • We fold the box on the floor and connect with screws;
  • We make through holes in the joints of the box with the wall (in the slots where the hinge will be fixed). Using a screw and dowel, fasten the box to the wall, align it with the level and fasten it in the same way from the bottom;
  • Between the wall and the box there should be a gap into which wooden wedges (bars) are inserted.

In more detail this topic is discussed in the article - How to assemble the door frame.

The final stage

  • After the door leaf and box are prepared, it remains only to hang the doors. They are attached to the box with screws;
  • Then make a striker for the latch. To do this, in the joint opposite the deadbolt, make a note with a pencil, drill a hole and set the bar in place;
  • The gap between the wall and the box close up mounting foam.

At this installation process interior doors can be considered finished.

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