How to atone for sins

Please note: repentance does not mean simply recognizing oneself as a sinner, but truly embarking on the path of purification.
Go to the temple and find out when you can come to confession. Usually, before going to confession, it is necessary to endure a three-day strict fast, and in the morning before the sacrament read the Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos. If you are not yet ready for confession, turn to a priest between the services for consolation. It is likely that he will advise you how to strengthen your spirit in front of this sacrament.
During the confession, speak briefly, but succinctly, answer all questions of the priest with absolute sincerity and list only thosesinswhose dark essence you were really aware of. Do not think that at the end of the sacrament, when the priest covers your head with the stool and says the scapegoat, you can sin again with impunity.
Go to one of the desert or to the monastery to get advice from an old man.Find out in advance exactly how to communicate with the elders and how to talk with them about your sins. It is possible that the elder will not accept you, because it is sometimes difficult for really spiritual people to speak with inveterate sinners, and so do not seek it. But if you can talk to him, unconditionally accept any obedience that he will give you. It can do anything: from material assistance to hermitage. Otherwise, your soul will not rest.

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