How to attach to the ceiling?

The ceiling plays an important role in the interior. Nowadays, ceilings are made of various materials, creating intricate shapes, masterpieces. Therefore, how to attach to the ceiling, for example, a chandelier is a question that requires a diversified answer.

We will try to answer all the ceiling questions in order of priority.

Question 1. How to attach a chandelier to the ceiling

Usually the fixture of the chandelier is reduced not just to screwing the chandelier itself to the surface, but also to connecting it to the power source — to the wires. As for electricians, if you are not an expert, it is better to use the help of a wizard. Otherwise, you will need a power drill and a few screws. Using a drill, carefully drill holes in the ceiling (note that this option is suitable for ceilings made of concrete, slabs, drywall, wood). We put the chandelier and screw the screws.

Now an option, if you have a ceiling made of clay, this was often done in rural homes in the last century, and now they have begun to practice again. Such a ceiling is soft, and there is no point in drilling holes, since they still collapse with time, and the chandelier will hold onto a word of honor.In such houses, but they are only one-story, they make a special metal hook through the entire ceiling, and fix it in the attic. A chandelier is attached to this hook, and only then it is attached to the ceiling itself.

Question 2. How to attach the cornice to the ceiling

Earlier, cornices were attached to the walls, now - to the ceiling. However, if your ceiling is uneven, it is still best to install a wall cornice.

If you purchased a domestic eaves, then it is better not to use a set for fastening in it, since the eaves will hold, but without curtains.

Now we collect the cornice, mark its location on the ceiling, drill holes 5-6 millimeters in diameter, insert dowels, tighten the screws, install the cornice.

Prepare cork of pine in case the wall is brick. We use them instead of plastic dowels, and screws choose 4x50. Remember that the smaller the diameter of the hole, the better it will hold the screw.

If you meet a pipe on your way, use the overlays to hang the eaves evenly. Try to choose quality products that will serve you for a long time and will relieve you of problems with assembly and installation.

Question 3. How to attach drywall to the ceiling

The masters of plasterboard create very unusual and beautiful ceilings for every taste. Reliability and durability of the structure will depend on how well it is to attach the drywall to the ceiling.

Fix drywall in several ways.

Mounting sheets on a metal frame

  • It is produced using special screws, which are selected depending on the thickness of the gypsum board. The thinner the sheet, the shorter the screws are needed.
  • Mount the frame of the ceiling. To do this, we fasten profiles in 40 cm in order to attach a sheet with a standard width of 1.2 m to four profiles.
  • We screw the screws into the sheets with a screwdriver or screwdriver every 12-15 cm, so that the screw head sinks a little into the sheet. These holes are then spatula, and the ceiling gets an even look.

Fastening drywall on wooden slats

  • We mount the frame so that at the joints of the gypsum board there is a 7.5–8 cm wide lath. The slats are nailed to the base with nails 7-10 cm in length.
  • Fasten the drywall sheets in the same way as described above.

Question 4. How to attach the panel to the ceiling

It is necessary to prepare a standard set of tools.

  • The first thing to do is to prepare the ceiling.
  • From wooden bars should be made on the ceiling crate.
  • Bars are fixed perpendicular to the panels.
  • Insert the first panel into the mounting shelf.
  • After that, attach it with nails, you can brace the bars.
  • Insert the second panel into the groove of the first and, accordingly, attach it to the bars.
  • The last panel is inserted into the groove of the previous one and fastened in the mounting shelf.

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