How to attract visitors to the site: for money or for free?

You will need
First you need to add your own website to Yandex. Webmaster, a service where your site will become recognized by search engines when searching for it. This will provide you with further promotion of the site in search engines and raising its TIC and PageRank.
How to attract visitors to the site: for money or for free?
After adding a site to Yandex. Webmaster when searching your site is not something that will not even enter the top ten, but rather it will be in one of the last places. For people to start finding your site, you need to start advertising it. There are services for free site promotion. But as a rule, they are asked to "exchange" advertising. That is, you place their banner on your site, and they are engaged in the promotion of your site. If you do not mind placing bulky banners, pop-ups, then you can use these services. Moreover, such free systems promote your site for about one month.
How to attract visitors to the site: for money or for free?
If you do not have time to wait for the top thirty visitors for exactly thirty days, paid promotion systems will come to your aid, for example, Google. AdWords. This is a system that has been trusted by prominent Internet entrepreneurs for several years. The creators keep the sum of one click a secret and ask customers not to disclose this amount, but it depends on how much the site from which the visitor came is promoted. Systems such promotion as Google. AdWords is called contextual. There is also a banner ad on a single site. Surely you have seen more than once an advertisement with animation or as a picture. This is banner advertising. It costs several times more expensive than the context system, but at the same time, it is much more effective when properly placed on the right sites.
How to attract visitors to the site: for money or for free?
Please note that some types of advertising are not so cheap. Even a large company, not just a website, cannot usually pay them. But, for example, contextual advertising is specifically made for small and large sites. Both can afford them.
Helpful advice
If you have the means to advertise your site, that's good. But it is necessary to distribute these funds correctly.If you promote your site correctly, then success cannot be avoided.

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