How to be a doctor?

The process of medical training is long. 6 years receive basic medical education, after which you can engage in theoretical activities. After the main course of the medical university, you need to undergo internship and practice, which lasts one year. This is a basic medical education for surgeons, therapists, etc. If there is a need to work in a more specialized field, then you still need to undergo an internship. As well as practice, lasting for 2 years. All medical universities have a number of faculties. Usually, this is the faculty of medical affairs, dental, pediatric and pharmaceutical. Sometimes there are specialized faculties of medical and preventive and clinical psychology. But, having passed residency, students can decide how to be a doctor in the future. Choosing any of the clinical disciplines that have been studied.

Choosing a medical specialty

Being in internship or residency, you can decide on their medical specialization. A description of the main medical specialties can help in this.And you can choose your own, based on what doctors are like.

  • Surgeon. It treats diseases whose treatment is surgery. The surgeon is also responsible for the development of techniques, methods and techniques for conducting operations. Ophthalmology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology, orthopedics, pulmonology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and microsurgery are considered specializations of modern surgeons.
  • Emergency medical doctor. They work in emergency and ambulance stations. The main task is to provide assistance to victims and patients for home calls, diseases of the motor and cardiovascular systems, as well as bone diseases and injuries of the chest and abdominal cavities, eyes, throat, ears, nervous system, nose, and injuries , mental and infectious diseases, obstetric-gynecological pathology, thermal lesions and acute poisoning.
  • Psychiatrist. This is a specialist who knows the causes, characteristics of the manifestation and course of various mental diseases. He must be skilled in the prevention and treatment of such diseases.
  • Pediatrician. According to its specialization, it is a doctor specializing in childhood diseases.The main requirement of what should be a doctor - a pediatrician - competence. He should know very well the peculiarities of the children's organism and the clinic of children's diseases, since sometimes the future life of the child depends on it.
  • Oncologist. The main structural unit in the oncological network is considered to be an oncologic dispensary. Its task includes: registration of patients with a newly established diagnosis, timely diagnosis of oncological diseases, rehabilitation measures and prevention of tumors, conducting special treatment. The main requirement for work and what should be a doctor - an oncologist, is awareness. Since Oncologists who work in polyclinics should conduct prophylactic mass examinations of the population in order to carry out initial examinations of patients. Especially important is the stage of identifying symptoms in patients with suspected cancer.
  • Oculist. In addition to the ability to understand the specifics of eye diseases, the ophthalmologist should also know many common medical issues. Since eye diseases are often a manifestation of various diseases, for example, hypertension, kidney disease, etc.
  • Neuropathologist.This is a specialist who studies the mechanisms and causes of the development of diseases of the nervous system. He must also possess methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.
  • Expert in narcology. He studies the manifestations and consequences of painful addiction to narcotic and psychotropic substances, and also treats and prevents these disorders.

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