How to become generous

To become generous, it is important to learn compassion. Through the knowledge of our own suffering, we learn compassion. There is no other way. Compassion increases our sensitivity, refines our emotions. Personal suffering leads to the experience of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the most difficult test. Pain, resentment, guilt, anger and fear are the main opponents of forgiveness. Everything can be forgiven, but it requires an understanding of what happened. It is easiest to sit in the dark, reveling in grief. Climb and begin to wade through the darkness with the torch held high in your hands. What happens is done for a reason, there is a sense behind everything that happens. It should only be noted.

To become generous, you must remember. The memory of native chronicles is necessary for seeing the connection between the causes and effects of events and the attainment of wisdom.

To become magnanimous, one should learn to sacrifice: one's interests, well-being, pride ... To perceive sacrifice as a process that benefits others and not a detriment to oneself. It is this attitude towards actions that will be a firm basis for generosity.Remember: the more we give, the more we get back.

Serving your neighbor is the greatest feat in studying yourself.

Generosity is impossible without the realization of your Soul, without true love for yourself as something more than a biological being.

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