How to become happy: 10 Buddhist recipes

You should not expect that happiness will come to you, start to act as soon as you understand that you lack happiness in life. Start with yourself, no matter how hard it sounds. Listen to your desires, and find what is really important to you.
Learn to express gratitude. Try, at least mentally before bedtime, to say thank you for the day you lived through and find something for which you are grateful today. Empty it will be clear weather, a flower that blossomed under the window, a letter or SMS, anything, any little thing that pleased you. And say thank you to the people that help you. So you give your positive attitude and give a piece of joy to another person, and she will return to you.
Find positive moments, pleasant memories and learn to create them yourself. Enjoy every day. Try to remember a pleasant moment from childhood. Try to create a pleasant moment for yourself, let it be a cup of your favorite tea or reading a book or going to the theater, all that will give you positive emotions.Plan a small pleasant moment for a loved one and be sure to implement. For example, print a photo and send it in a letter to your grandmother, or write a letter to a friend who you have not seen for a long time.
Let go of unnecessary and evil people from your life. Every person enters our life to teach us something. Absorb as soon as possible the lesson from the unpleasant person, let your communication remain for you to experience, and release him from your life.
Do not miss the opportunity that life sends you, so as not to regret about them in the future. Try to believe in yourself and your strength, whatever happens. If you are trying to convince in this and do not support. Listen to your heart. It is your life and only your decisions and actions can lead to happiness.
Let go of such emotions as sadness, grief and tears. If people around you bring you to negative emotions, then they are weak and do not know other ways to influence you, they are not worth your tears. Appreciate yourself and your peace of mind.
Nature is our mother, she heals our soul and body. Try as often as possible to be in nature. Give away the negative and draw positive energy from nature. Walk and contemplate more.Even if you live in the city, find at least a couple of minutes to look at the sky or the birds, the tree outside the window.
Learn to accept a situation that has already happened. Often our illnesses originate from the fact that we cannot accept something and accept it. Accept what has already happened and go on.
Do not be afraid to stumble and make a mistake, be afraid not to act. While we are alive, we must move, and movement involves a difficult path on which everyone can make a mistake. Take it in yourself and do not be afraid.
Do not criticize or condemn others. Do not judge people. Everyone does what he can do at the moment. People change and learn. You should not criticize them for wrong actions or deeds and then there will be no criticism of you.

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