How to breed parrots?

Every bird lover who breeds parrots always strives to ensure that his birds give only strong and good offspring. In order to achieve this result, it is necessary to know how to breed wavy parrots. This process is quite lengthy, but if parrots are your hobby, then wait a year - the other is easy.

Selection of males and females

First of all, special attention should be paid to the choice of females and males. It is clear that only mobile and healthy birds can be mated, as weak, old and sick parrots will lay unfertilized eggs in which the embryos will die. Mating parrots should be moderately well-fed, not fat. Thin and weak birds often do not sit well on eggs, as well as underfed chicks. It should be noted that too young birds should not be allowed to breed. Parrots are ready for breeding at 5-7 months of life. Their sexual maturity occurs only at the age of 1-1.5 years, and the highest fecundity is 2-4 years of age.At the same time, the ability to reproduce in budgerigars lasts up to 8-9 years. An important prerequisite for successful breeding is the selection of a pair. Such parrots should know each other well, distinguish their partner from other birds and be constantly together. When selecting young stock from producers, it is necessary to take into account these facts and to observe individuals, independently connecting in pairs in their flock. It is worth noting that artificially created pairs of offspring may not be available for several years. The best time for breeding parrots is summer and early autumn. During this period, there is a lot of heat, light, and greens that they so need. Of course, parrots can breed their offspring in late autumn and even in winter, however, in order for the chicks to grow full-fledged, special conditions must be created: the air temperature in the room should be equal to 18-20 degrees of heat, and the length of daylight should be increase to 15-16 hours. In addition, fresh greens must be present in the cage, as well as fresh sprigs of mountain ash or linden.When you should not breed parrots, so it is in early spring. Since in winter birds receive little light and vitamins, their offspring may be weakened.

Nesting site preparation

Are you curious how to breed wavy parrots and what is most important in this process? - The most basic rule is to complete groups. Acquire males and females preferably in different places. To avoid confusion of family ties. In the large cage, 2-3 pairs of budgerigars should be kept, as in the group the birds are more active and mobile. However, in the very nesting period, large cells are not very convenient, so the pair is best planted in individual cells, even smaller ones can be used. Suspended nesting boxes and regulated nesting. These boxes are placed outside, so that the inside of the cage remains spacious. Most often nests are made of wood, which provides good thermal insulation and at the same time "breathes". Boxes made of artificial materials, it is better not to use.

Socket equipment

It is necessary to know that wavy parrots, unlike other birds, do not build nests, so this task will fall on your shoulders.It is necessary to pour 1-2 cups of dry sawdust to the bottom, so that the layer is 3-4 cm. This will make nest bedding for eggs and chicks. It should be noted that the female will make the deepening in sawdust itself. Sawdust is best suited to birch, but if they are not at hand, then you can take any other, with the exception of sawdust from coniferous trees, because they contain a large amount of tar. In order to scare off parasites in sawdust, you should add one teaspoon of the usual dry pharmaceutical chamomile. Do not use chemicals, it can greatly harm the birds. Consider how to breed parrots: pay special attention to planting only one pair of parrots on the nest, since these birds are gregarious and in nature they do not tend to nest as a pair. In this case, the cells should be positioned so that the pairs can see each other. Then the nesting process will be much faster.

Egg laying

At this time, birds are advised to give oats, egg feed, millet and vegetables. Determine that the female will soon carry the egg can be on a subtle movement of the tail, which is commensurate with the rhythm of breathing.And a couple of days before, as the female will carry her first egg, her number of feces will increase. If all the above conditions are fulfilled, the appearance of the very first egg can be expected within 2-3 weeks from the moment of nesting.

Now you know how to breed parrots, this is no big deal! Follow all the rules specified in the article and you can get a great posterity of parrots.

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