How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

In this opus, you are given the opportunity to learn a little about such an exciting topic “how to experience an orgasm for a girl,” if a girl does not experience such bliss or has any difficulties in this. As always, practical tips will be presented to conquer the sexual heights, this essay is a detailed instruction, therefore, focus and start realizing what has been written. In the end, waiting for a video of how to bring a girl to orgasm (jet), which you can watch online for free. So let's get started.

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

The content of the article

How to do so to bring the girl to orgasm.

You probably know that in order to experience a clitoral orgasm, a girl can stimulate herself by, for example, a shower. Well, of course, the partner can also deliver this kind of orgasm to the girl. But, as for the vaginal orgasm, then the situation is much more complicated. A large percentage of the weaker sex literally fight to experience a vaginal orgasm. Some even do not experience orgasm during childbirth. Strange isn't it? I often intersected with similar women, but my caress, desire to achieve results, experience and perseverance bore fruit. Suddenly, the Internet came across a forum dedicated to this topic on one of the women's web sites.

How to get an orgasm girl?

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

This topic was very relevant so much that it would simply not have been enough an hour to read all the messages. As a result of analyzing the information, it turned out that I read in some way the article “what is necessary for a girl to get an orgasm”. This is for both women and men is a very big secret that I want to know. There are stories like:

"... our marriage is 3 years old, I cannot get an orgasm, I already have children, my husband does not understand me, we make love once a week ..."

Nobody is immune from this. Perhaps, and your partner will need to bring to orgasm quickly and purposefully. And now about the main thing. This article is for real connoisseurs of the fair sex.Ask why? And all because a woman will experience an orgasm only if you squeeze a maximum out of yourself, even more.

How to experience an orgasm for a girl, how to achieve an orgasm

In order for your partner to become sick of orgasm, you must take into account many factors, such as the physical condition of the partner and the state of your relationship, without sacrificing one to the detriment of the other. It is also worth remembering that the following women's problems can sometimes be found in the body in a complex way.

The moral factor is the most important to bring the girl to orgasm.

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

This factor is very, very important. And regardless of any scientific research and criticism from the skeptics, I believe that the moral aspect is the most important on the way of bringing the girl to the state of orgasm. It is from the inner spirit and spiritual harmony that her desire and desire for you will depend, consequently, to obtain a vaginal orgasm. Each woman has its own quirks and hidden hidden desires. One wants hot sex to be beaten on the ass with a palm, or to be torn at her clothes and treated her roughly. Another wants her to be treated as gently as possible, so that making love is sensual, with a beautiful prelude. Basically the second type prevails.

And it happens that the partner literally fully focuses on morality, and therefore during coition in her brain reigns only this thought. As a result, she can not get a full orgasm, because of all sorts of obsessive new ideas. For example:

... The achievement of orgasm depends primarily on the inner state of mind. If there is a need and desire for sexual unloading, then a woman is able to get an orgasm without paying attention to who the partner (the main thing is capable of) where sex occurs. And if a girl has her own particular obsession, then it is almost impossible to have an orgasm. At least it concerns me personally! ... (Svetlana, 32 years old).

It can be fully argued that this rule is valid in 99.9% of cases. A girl can achieve orgasm only through her complete relaxation. That is, you should completely free her inner “I” from the complexes. We must try to be gentle and at the same time courageous, sensual and at the same time hot. Then the girl herself will try to surrender to you in order to get the burden of problems out of her mind. It is necessary to tell her a couple of compliments and try to calm her:"Kitten, relax and try to get maximum pleasure, everything will be very good."

The main thing is to make the partner not think about the final result, but think about the sexual act itself. If there are complexes about any parts of the body (for example: small breasts), which happens quite often, in this case during the prelude it is to these areas that she considers ugly and which in her deep conviction embarrass you. Kiss them so that she can understand that she seems ugly, on the contrary, you really like it. Here is another message from the forum that gives food for thought.

... I think frigid women do not exist, there are bad men who bother most not to try and the girl was able to reach and experience an orgasm, but for personal pleasure. In this case, female orgasms do not happen ... (boy ... 21 years)

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

This moral aspect for all men is very important in fully meeting the sexual needs of the girl, achieving her orgasm. If such information leaked to me, then in that case, sex turned into something more like a gamble.And you could try for 3 hours and 5 hours. But then, when such a girl is brought to orgasm and you realize that before that no man has done such a thing completely carried away by his little male victory and with an inner sense of worth and fulfilled duty, you look at the fruits of your labors. And how after that will look at you your partner ... The main thing is your inner spirit to win and achieve the goal. It used to happen that the first time about any men's victory, it does not even come. But after some time, the male forces are restored and then go ahead, conquer Everest of love and deliver the girl an orgasm. And it happens that sometimes a girl gets an orgasm only after a month of trying. In any case, the main thing is the desire for a given goal and a variety of methods that can be varied to achieve the maximum effect and correctly bring the girl to a vaginal orgasm.

Example: If a man is sympathetic to a woman, then it will be necessary to achieve orgasm. Just not always the first attempt will be successful. There is simply a human individuality, and as a result, making love is also a very individual process.Do not be ashamed of words, just need to express what gives you pleasure and what does not. Do not be afraid to ask what gives her more pleasure, but do not ask stupid questions. There are a number of obvious things that need no explanation. If she likes something while making love, you can read it from the movements of her body, from the expression of her face. But it is not worth asking once again that you can easily see it even in the eyes. But, if anything, it is difficult to read, then you should not be crumpled, you need to ask, this is what will be true in this situation, in order to bring the girl to orgasm quickly. And here are a couple of posts:

- ... I'm a little over 30 years old. Married. Have children. But to test an orgasm does not work, and it did not work. I just can't even get horny. (Olga, 30 years old)

- This is your husband can not excite you or not eager to do it. I have exactly the same story. With other partners, I was both excited and had an orgasm. (Julia. 24 years old)

This implies a simple rule. In order for a woman to reach orgasm, it is necessary that she reaches the desired degree of arousal. In the case of men, everything is very simple: a member is a stake and everything will be fine, you can always end. And with the weaker sex, the situation is more complicated.The time it takes a woman to experience an orgasm depends entirely on how you prepared your partner, how you turned on her, before entering her womb.

Your chances of bringing a girl to orgasm are practically nil, if you do not want to have sex with her or are in a bad mood. Therefore, it is better not to try. Mutual desire and attraction: two fundamental factors of arousal. Try to ignite the flame of passion, and then everything goes just fine. To do this, you can use all sorts of techniques, role-playing sexual and just erotic games, erotic massage, plus your desire should be activated. In this case, a volcanic eruption will literally appear between the partners and the male and female orgasms will come. Watch online free video jet orgasm can be at the bottom, but do not rush.

Physical contact or how to bring a girl to orgasm is easy.

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

And now let's go directly to the physical effects. To achieve the highest degree of excitement of a girl, you can apply what your heart desires. And the desires of your soul should fully coincide with the desires of the girl herself, her predilections, which should be learned earlier. But there is another rule that winners are not judged.You can use a maximum of imagination and your skills: caressing your lips, hands, tongue, aromatic Chinese sticks, romantic setting, darkened room, appropriate music, and even gag in your mouth and collar to yourself, if all you need is to achieve an orgasm for a woman.

Your main task is to excite the partner as much as possible, to get him to the highest speed using everything you can and can reach to your hand. Try to be sexy and very attractive, seductive in your actions, what would you like only at one glance, so that the girl can easily reach an orgasm. Desire must burn with bright fire. It is possible, with all caresses, to even begin to stimulate a girl, the option of cunnilingus is not excluded. Try to excite your partner a little, and then just stop and wait a moment. Waiting for her will lead even more. You can even try, caressing tongue and lips partner, her clitoris, to bring a woman to the clitoris orgasm. And at the moment of the greatest excitement just enter her vagina, already ready for penetration, with your penis.

At the same time, the ability to achieve a vaginal orgasm increases significantly.

Very often, the male partner accelerates when he sees that his partner is coming to the highest point of pleasure to experience the ogrism. But in fact, when a girl gets the most pleasure from a medium or slow pace, you should not increase the speed of translational movements. For a deeper understanding, I will say that with an average rate of frictions, the girl receives maximum pleasure. Even if sex is hot and passion rushes out, then the will must be given to her in the upper part of the body, and not in the lower part. At the bottom everything should stay at an average pace, gentle and sensual, and very neat. Do not accelerate, do not spoil the buzz that gets your girlfriend. If you think she needs it, then just check it out. It should be done so that her hands were on your hips or "loin". If a girl at the peak of pleasure wants you stronger and faster, she herself will accelerate the pace and show her desire with hand movements.

If you understand or see, or feel that it gives her even more pleasure, then try to maintain the frequency and amplitude of your movements. In this case, do not forget to caress her chest, neck, her body, it quickly bring the girl to orgasm. Even if the pace is mad, then caress must convey to your partner your tenderness.Touching should alternate with stroking. Change tender strokes with sensitive touches of your partner’s body, her erogenous zones, and those that embarrass her (read above). Then you can count on one hundred percent success. Here is another secret from a professional: the body of a woman does not tolerate rudeness and careless handling at all. In order for a girl to get an orgasm simply, only gentle, sensitive, affectionate men's hands should hold her, hug and caress her. In other words, the girl should not forget that she is in the imperious arms of a man.


But the achievement of an orgasm does not fall solely on men's strong shoulders. In this case, the key to success is a team game, so to speak. The achievement of the final result, which will suit both partners, depends on 9 parts from the man and on one part from the woman. To the lady of the heart received an orgasm, she needs to at least partially concentrate on achieving it. In other words, a 10% guarantee of success depends on whether a woman herself wants to experience a vaginal orgasm, and you, in turn, bring the girl to him. The partner should be aware of what is happening to her and that she wants to get an orgasm. And sat down there is a need, then you need to send a woman alone in the right direction.Speak about this woman, do not hesitate. The first attempt and several subsequent women themselves must understand that this is exactly what they want and at the right moment to adjust their body so as to catch the full surge of sexual energy, which is called the female orgasm.

Speaking in a simple, unemotional language, one can say that her conscious desire at the subconscious level will stimulate the body to receive an orgasm, even more to the explosion of a billion stars inside its body. The main thing is to convey this idea so that it does not concentrate the mind on getting an orgasm, but only want it.

Technique, how to bring a girl to orgasm (vaginal). How to achieve and experience an orgasm for a woman

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

For a woman to get an orgasm, you can try the following technique: make a member penetrate into the vagina five centimeters in the amount of nine times. And for 10 times it is necessary to make the deepest insertion of the member inside the partner's vagina. Next time there should be only nine frictions, the ninth of which will be the deepest. And so on, gradually bringing the girl to orgasm. Inside the female "flower" there are very sensitive areas.Again, this is all purely individual for each individual woman. In some, for example, 5 centimeters are sensitive, which are located closer to the labia, while the other 5 centimeters are closer to the uterus.

You can constantly change the position, while the angle at which the penis enters the vagina will change constantly, of course the pose 69 will not fit here, but the missionary position is quite, as well as it is possible on the side, behind, standing, sitting ... This will help you find the very sensitive area inside the female body. At the same time, one can rely on solid emotions, it will also be useful to ask, to ask the partner during the sexual act about her preferences, but again you can not be too intrusive, tedious, and you can not ask stupid questions. Some want strong male hands to squeeze their breasts, others want a strong hand to clap their hands on the ass. Someone will take it to the heights of pleasure. And on the contrary, someone will be removed from you, because many people like sensual and calm penetrations with a peaceful pace of frictions.

Weasel will help to achieve and experience an orgasm girl

Accentuate first the attention of the woman to caress. The desired result will be achieved to such an extent, the extent to which her aspirations will be realized. And in no case to restrain the representative of the weaker sex in something simply is not recommended. If she wants something, then let it get. But at the same time, management and control of the process remain in the hands of the man. Simply, you should not interfere with her in what the woman wants, but without letting her forget that she is in the arms of a man with strong hands and an iron will.

You should not experiment with the plastic of your girl or with the elasticity of her muscles: do not throw her legs behind her head or try to stretch in the splits. After all, you need to take care that a partner during coition would not feel the slightest hint of physical discomfort. But if all the same decision to change the posture for making love was made, it would not be superfluous to ask, simply and without obtrusiveness, so that your curiosity in her eyes does not look like sheer idiocy. If you notice that the female partner is tired, then do not drink juice from it until the end. It is better to continue the occupation of sex next time.

A little from myself, as I helped the girl to experience an orgasm

I rarely managed to bring a girl to orgasm. Sometimes it took a couple of hours, sometimes days, and sometimes even a couple of weeks. There was even a case when I had to try pretty hard and even get very tired with one girl, having tried the entire supply of techniques, in spite of my physically strong young body. I even seriously began to think that all the action should be postponed to another day. And then on the girl finally rolled a wave of orgasm. After that, I could not get a girl with boring, idiotic questions. After all, it could just be the usual imitation of orgasm, when the girl was tired and exhausted and did not want to continue. But no. Everything was real. And all this is stated to you, dear reader, so that you would understand that when the girl first experienced an orgasm, it would be very good to stay with her in your arms for a while. All just to remember and feel her orgasm to the end, to understand what you did to achieve the desired result. Well, the main reason to secure the result for the body partner. It took me about four weeks with that lady to fix the result.But after all the work and aspirations, that girl could get a good orgasm up to six or seven times in one meeting. I do not recommend leaving immediately to give her maximum benefit. Well, in addition, your efforts will not be wasted, and will return to you in the form of sparkling sex from the one to whom you delivered the first orgasm.

Conclusions from the written about how to make the girl get an orgasm.

How to bring a girl to orgasm with video

If you do not know how to reach an orgasm for a girl, but you really want to become a kind of discoverer, then you can become one. Very often on my thorny path of a refined lover I came across such women. But then a lot of devoted and grateful eyes looked into my eyes, after they got everything they dreamed about. You just need your own desire to make a girl have an orgasm. And in the case of a positive or even a grandiose effect, all the difficulties, wasted forces and time are in the past and are very easily forgotten. After all, the result is sure to come if you want it, if not for the first and not the second time, but it will come, and you will be thanked for your work.

Go ahead, help the girl experience an orgasm !!!

Just make your desire to be close to each other with her, so that you and her and you always want to enjoy mutual caresses and sex games, so that the desire arises even from the most hidden hint in your partner's eyes. Now you can watch online free video jet orgasm.


This video lesson on jet orgasm is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Introductory Theoretical - Introducing Stefan and the main theoretical foundations concerning female sexuality.
  2. Massage (practice) - Stefan shows a massage that will help the girl get rid of the points of tension in her body and prepare her for a jet orgasm.
  3. Finger technique - Stefan demonstrates finger technique with the help of which he stimulates the ji point and brings the girl to a jet orgasm.
  4. Summing up - in this part, Stefan examines the problems that may arise and which may prevent the jet orgasm from reaching the girl. And most importantly, he gives advice on how to avoid this.

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