How to build a loft with your own hands

You will need
  • - wooden bars;
  • - boards;
  • - slats;
  • - fasteners;
  • - metal corners;
  • - metal brackets;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - mineral wool;
  • - window construction attic type;
  • - stairs;
  • - a set of construction tools.
Start building an attic with a draft. The main attic element - the roof, which differs in its structure from the traditional. Very often in the roof arrange window openings, which are located at an angle. Often during the construction of the attic radically change the profile of the roof, making the slope broken.
Think carefully about the shape of the roof and the angles of inclination of the planes. Traditionally for mansards, standard gable or broken gable roofs are used, but there are also mansards with a single shed roof. Draw the entire structure in different projections, dimensioning and indicating the relative position of the elements.
Build the skeleton of the future attic. This is the most responsible and time-consuming stage of the entire construction, which in most cases requires the involvement of a partner. Along the perimeter of the upper part of the house lay mauerlat - interconnected horizontal bars. Attach two end posts with rafters to the mauerlat with metal corners. On the top of the racks, install a longitudinal jumper.
Using the tensioned cord, place between the arches of the inner frame, which in shape and size should be similar to the side arches. The pitch between all racks should be the same. All arched structures should be fixed to each other with metal corners and brackets. Exposing the inclined elements of the roof, precisely maintain the centering and the calculated angle of inclination of the slope.
From the outside, nail the crate of planks or slats to the turned-out roof, providing for window openings. Start to create a hydro-and heat-insulating layer. To protect against moisture, it is best to use a membrane-type film, laying it on top of the batten. Mineral wool is most suitable as insulation, which must be fixed from the inside of the truss system, leaving no gaps.
On top of the almost finished roof lay a roof covering. The choice of material for finishing the roof is very wide. It can be slate, plain or metal tile, as well as sheeting. After completing this part of the work, install the window structures and complete the interior of the attic room.

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