How to build a wooden fence at their summer cottage

Many owners of summer cottages are engaged in arranging the territory on their own, using the materials at hand and their own experience. It is quite feasible to build a wooden fence on the site by forces without the involvement of specialists.
First, you should choose a suitable material, which is suitable as larch or pine wood. The blanks should be the same in length and size. You must be clear about what the fence should be.

Options for laying the fence

"Shtaketnik" - the same blanks, which are fastened with transverse cross-beams from below and from above, fastened on each side with supporting pillars.
“Chessboard” is the same principle of laying, only in this case the slats are nailed to the cross beams in a checkerboard pattern, one on the one hand, and the other on the other.
"Grid" - wooden planks, reinforced at an angle of 45 ° to each other, form a kind of sieve.
"Ranch" - wooden planks, located horizontally. With two sides fastened supporting posts.
"Herringbone" - horizontally laid wooden planks, reinforced butt-in to each other.
After the fence project has been chosen, it is necessary to proceed with its construction. First you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools. The following wooden blanks will be needed for construction:
- thick bars as support posts;
- boards for cross bars;
- the same length of the workpiece for the fence;
- concrete solution for the foundation;
- galvanized nails.

Fence construction

From the tools you need a spade, ax, saw and tape measure. First you need to determine the location of the fence, clear the area of ​​debris. Then you should mark the location of the pillars. The strength and beauty of the fence depends on how well the marking will be carried out.
Next, you need to prepare pits for the pillars. They should be the same in depth. In order for the pillars to be firmly strengthened, the foundation is poured with concrete. To prevent rotting of wood, the lower part of the pillars is treated with a special compound.
Then you need to put together fence strips, which are evenly distributed between the pillars and fastened with transverse strips. The finished part of the fence is strengthened between the pillars, then the next part is also prepared. After the fence is fully installed, it must be cleaned of dirt and painted. This will significantly extend the life of the wooden fence.

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