How to bury your ears?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
February 21, 2013
How to bury your ears?

The pain in the ear always arises suddenly and shoots at once half of the head! Besides the fact that it is extremely unpleasant, it is also very dangerous, because the ear is in proximity to the brain, and any inflammation can reach it. So if you have an earache, quickly go to the doctor, and then carefully follow all his instructions. As a rule, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory procedures, ointments, drops in the ear. It would seem, what is easier - to take and drop in the ear droplets. Do you know how to bury your ears correctly so that the medicine does not spill into the auricle, but carefully treat the entire surface of the ear canals?

Drug preparation

Before you learn how to bury your ears, you need to properly prepare the medicine. If the bottle with a pipette, then cut off the cap, if not, then buy a pipette and scald it with boiling water before first use. Then it is necessary to heat the medicine bottle to the temperature of the human body. Or put the bottle for a few minutes in a mug of warm water, or hold it in your hands.

Burying process

The patient must be placed on a flat surface so that his head does not fall back, but lies flat, and the patient is comfortable. First examine the ear, if there is a lot of sulfur, then clean it with a cotton swab. Just do not get it inside! Brush on top to free the passage. And now proceed to the explanation of how to bury the drops in the ears. It is necessary to delay the ear a little in order for the medicine to go where it is necessary. An adult person is delayed up and back, and a child under two years old must be slightly delayed down and back. Such manipulations straighten the channel. After that, enter the pipette no more than half a centimeter, and drip as many drops as the doctor prescribed. Then press the tragus for three minutes. Then you can get up, for 20 minutes, closing the ear canal with a cotton swab. Attention to those who will cook this cotton ball! Do not make it too small.

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