How to buy a scanner

First you need to decide on the type of scanner:
- flatbed scanners are of high quality and speed. In addition, the scan takes place automatically, so using such a device is simple and convenient;
- the hand scanner is not equipped with an engine, so when scanning a document you will have to move the device yourself. Such a scanner has the lowest cost and mobility, but at the same time it has a lot of flaws (for example, low resolution, slow speed, frequent stretching and skewing of the image);
- sheet scanners independently pull the sheet past the lamps. Due to this, such devices are much more compact than flatbed scanners, they can be used to copy sheets of any length;
- drum scanners are mainly used in printing and are professional. They provide high resolution, the widest working range;
- planetary scanners are designed for contactless scanning of objects.Such devices are especially useful for copying books that require careful handling.
The optical resolution of the scanner is one of the most important characteristics of the device. It is from this parameter depends on the quality of the image, its clarity and traceability. In stores, this parameter is indicated as follows: for example, 600x1200 dpi. In addition, in the characteristics of the device, you may encounter an interpolated resolution - it differs by much larger values. When choosing a scanner, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the optical resolution.
In addition, the quality of the picture depends on the type of matrix. Matrixes like CCD have the best performance, but at the same time they are the most expensive. The main advantage of the CIS type matrix is ​​energy saving. Such devices are connected to the network via a USB port.
Depth of color. This indicator determines the number of colors that the device is able to recognize and process. Remember that the declared color depth may differ from the actual one, since the scan clears the image to make the picture clearer and cleaner.

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