How to care for a collie breed?

If you decide to get a loyal and good friend, then get a collie dog, because this is probably one of the most dedicated and friendly four-legged pets that you can think of.

A collie dog is the best family dog, from which the owner cannot wait for any minor or major dirty tricks, is trustful and quite clever, and loves to spend time with its owners. On top of that, collie is the real personification of canine refinement, grace and beauty, nature has endowed them with a truly royal appearance.


But the story of these dogs is not quite royal, in any case, they have become so far from immediately. There are many versions of their origin, according to one of them, the home of the collie is considered to be Britain, where they were used as shepherds for sheep.

The Collies, whom we used to see today and those that helped graze sheep many centuries ago, are significantly different, both in character and in appearance (the ancestors had a rougher appearance), however, they are united by one very important common feature: and they are deprived of aggression.

This is easily explained by the fact that the wolves in those places were exterminated long ago, and therefore the main task of the collie was to control the flock of sheep, so that no one would fight off the common flock.

Black dog

Even today, collie breed dogs are distinguished by their kindness and affection, but at the same time they are very vigilant about their family: they don’t like even on joint walks if someone from family members moves away from each other, reacting to this by barking.

Interestingly, the first royal person who paid attention to them was the Queen of England, Victoria. Since then, the collie has become not only useful in pastures, but also turned into a smart and obedient court companion. Naturally, only the most beautiful and chic individuals were selected for these purposes. By the way, modern elegance and coloring appeared thanks to the diligent selection work of specialists.

Kind heart and active life position

If you decide to acquire such a beautiful and clever girl at home, then you definitely need to learn how to care for her, as well as explore the characteristics and habits of the future pet. These dogs perfectly adapt to their owner, in spite of their rather large dimensions and irrepressible craving for movement, they can even live in an apartment, but on the condition of constant and active walking on the street.


They are often called “nannies” for small children, because such dogs love babies and willingly spend a lot of time with them. With athletes, they can easily become frisky runners, able to overcome great distances, and for people who are used to lead a calm and measured lifestyle, they will become excellent companions for long walks.

By their nature, collies are very active and cheerful animals that love to run and jump, are well trained in training and even, after completing a special course, become guides for the blind. Such a breed is distinguished by quick-wittedness and good intellectual abilities, as a whole, non-conflict, but, if there is a direct need, they are able to adequately stand up for themselves and their master.

Chic wool

By the way, in wartime such dogs successfully performed the functions of orderlies, messengers and even sappers, where they demonstrated developed intuition and intelligence.

Choosing a collie puppy

In total there are two types of breed: shorthair and long-haired, more familiar to our latitudes. When choosing a puppy of a collie breed, please note that the optimal age for its acquisition is 1.5-2 months.


To get a healthy and balanced dog, naturally, it is better to contact a specialized nursery or a breeder who can provide you with all the necessary documents for parents and puppies. It is advisable to look at at least one of the parents, personally, to know what your puppy will look like in the future.

Pay special attention to the conditions in which the dogs are kept, in the kennel should be warm and clean, the puppies should look active and vigorous. The standard of such a dog provides that a puppy at 2 months of age should already have formed quite strong and even legs, a long neck and a flat back, without humps and sags. The ears should hang slightly forward, and the eyes have an unrounded and non-convex shape.

Care and maintenance

Despite the fact that the collie dog has a thick and long hair, it is not so difficult to care for it: it is necessary to comb the pet regularly, at least 2 times a week, and bathe as necessary. By the way, the collie tolerate the heat quite well, a large amount of wool retains the air, which helps the dog to cool.

Be sure to follow the dog's ears, as they grow hair that can clog your ear canals.

To do this, it must be regularly removed: this will help you a special powder for the ears. It makes the hairs more fragile, therefore, they are much easier to pull out a sharp movement in the direction of growth.

In addition, the ears must be regularly cleaned from earwax with a cotton swab dipped in a special lotion. If suddenly the pet has an unpleasant smell from the ears, then it must be taken to the veterinarian, this may be signs of the disease. Watch for claws so that they do not twist and injure the legs of the animal.


An important role in the care of the dog is balanced nutrition and diet. From childhood, teach your pet to eat at the same time, after eating, in spite of all the unintelligent nature of the pet, he needs to give time to rest and digest food, about 2-3 hours.

As for the menu itself, experts recommend feeding them with specialized dog food, dry or in the form of canned food, without mixing with ordinary "human" food. You can cook for the dog yourself, but this will require high-quality products, not the "remnants" of the table.

True friend

The list of useful and desirable products for collie includes cereals, eggs, liver and boiled beef, special herbal supplements, vegetables and boneless boiled fish. But raw pork, flour products, pearl barley and raw fish - not the most useful products for such a dog, but rather, even harmful and unsafe.

How much does such a dog cost?

On average, the price of puppies of collie breeds varies from 6 to 15 thousand rubles, but we are talking about kids without pedigree. Puppies from the kennel, which can boast a rich pedigree, will cost from 15 thousand rubles and above.

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