How to care for plastic windows?

Plastic double-glazed windows become a worthy replacement for old wooden frames, thanks to them the comfort level is noticeably increased in the room: drafts disappear, it becomes much warmer, and the noise level decreases significantly.

No matter how many positive qualities such constructions possess, they nevertheless require timely and qualified care, which, unfortunately, not every housewife knows about the rules.

The procedure should be regular

Agree that it is much more sensible to spend ten minutes on a monthly window cleaning in order to forget about serious repairs and, even more so, the replacement of PVC structures for many years. The cost of repairing plastic windows is not cheap, but to take care of them is much easier than wooden: they do not need to constantly tint, tamp, warm and clean the cracks formed from dirt.

But this does not mean that after installation you can forget about them altogether. So, how to care for plastic windows? There is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is to perform cleaning on time and with the help of suitable means.

Plastic profile cleaning

The plastic from which modern window designs are made is durable and quite well cleaned. It is necessary to perform the procedure according to the degree of contamination, usually not more than 1 time per month. An ordinary soap solution based on laundry soap or dishwashing detergents (Cif, Fairy, etc.) is excellent for this purpose.

When choosing a detergent, it is necessary to pay attention to its composition: it should not contain abrasives and aggressive chemicals, as they quickly destroy the protective layer of plastic.

As a result, microcracks form on the surface, which, under the influence of direct sunlight, change the color of the plastic and gradually lead to its further destruction.

Light room

Also for cleaning the plastic profile it is unacceptable to use substances containing acetone, gasoline, alcohol, acids and preserved alkalis. If contamination can not be removed with a soft cloth and an ordinary detergent, then for these purposes, special preparations should be used that are intended for cleaning plastic windows.

Usually they are sold in the same shops where you ordered windows, or in specialized stores of household chemicals. It should be noted that they are quite expensive, but they are economical and allow achieving an amazing result: the profiles return their original color and shine.

Do not forget to pay special attention to drainage holes, which are easy to find: just open the window sash.

They are necessary for the natural ventilation of air and drainage of leaked moisture. If it turns out that the holes are clogged with street dust and mud, then the natural withdrawal will cease, and the windows will start to sweat very much. Next, go to the seals.

Although they are made of high-quality rubber and have a dark color, the seals still need to be wiped with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water: be sure to remove dust and accumulated dirt directly under the rubber petals.

Pure and Pleasant

After they are completely dry, it is superfluous to grease them with glycerin or silicone oil. This procedure should be done, at least 2 times a year, which will increase the period of their operation, and, as a consequence, the level of noise insulation and airtightness.

Cleaning accessories

The accessories of plastic windows are an important part of the whole design, and, in many respects, their durability depends on it. Approximately once or twice a year, it is necessary that all the fittings be inspected by a specialist and, if necessary, be tightened and lubricated with lithium grease. It is introduced into all technological grooves, and the moving places and fixation points are treated with machine oil.

Double glazing care

Today, it is possible to install glass with different levels of glass transparency. Manufacturers claim that they all have the ability to repel dust and dirt, one way or another, over time, the question of their cleaning arises.

Usually for these purposes, use a soft cotton cloth and a warm soap solution, for a better effect, special spraying means for washing mirrors and windows are used. Again, watch for the composition: it should not be aggressive chemicals.

Pay attention to the handles.

There is no need to clean the inner surface of the glass unit, due to the hermetic properties of which the possibility of dirt and dust getting inside is completely eliminated.

Often there are special kits for the care of PVC constructions on sale; in fact, if you constantly look after windows, they are not particularly necessary, since minor dirt is easily removed with simple detergents.

Rubbing the glass, do not forget about the slopes - if they are made of plastic, then the care of them is identical to the care of plastic profiles.

To prolong the service life of plastic windows, they must be protected from mechanical damage, scratches and dents, during cleaning use only soft and clean wipes. Observing such simple rules, it is possible to ensure their trouble-free operation for many years.

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