How to change icons for folders

By treefoldersin the left pane of the explorer go to the one whose icon you want to change.
Right-click the desired folder to bring up the context menu and select the lowest item in it - “Properties”.
In the folder properties window you need the Settings tab - click it.
Here you have the opportunity to change both the folder icon and its “sketch”, which is displayed when the mode with the same name is on. To change the icon, press the lower button - “Change Icon”.
You will be presented with a selection of icons that are available in your Windows theme. You can choose from it, and you can find another suitable file - to do this, click the "Browse" button. Search should be in the service files of libraries (with the extension dll) or in executable files (extension - exe). In addition, you can select a file in a specially designed to store the image of a single icon in ico format. And if you have Windows Vista, then the png extension will also be displayed correctly.
Select the desired picture, press Enter (or the "Open" button). Then, successively pressing “OK”, close both open windows (“Change icon for folder” and “Folder properties"). This completes the change of folder icon, if you want to change it and for another, repeat the operation.
In addition to the icon replacement engine built into the operating system, you can use special programs from other manufacturers - for example, Stardock IconPackager, TuneUp Utilities, Microangelo On Display, etc. They allow you to change the iconsfoldersnot "by the piece" but for all at once.

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