How to change the candles?

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How to change the candles?

According to the instructions for use, the spark plugs on most domestic cars should be changed every 20-30 thousand kilometers. However, taking into account the state of our roads and the quality of gasoline poured into the tank, sometimes this has to be done after fifteen thousand mileage. In order to replace the candles it is not necessary to visit the station car service, because the prices there, as everyone knows, "bite". Almost any motorist can change the spark plugs on his own, if he, of course, does not suffer from complete “technical cretinism”.

How to change candles with your own hands

Replacing candles. Operating procedure

  1. Shut down the car engine, remove the key from the ignition lock, open the hood, lock its cover in the raised position and let the engine cool if it had worked for you before. Replacement of candles should be carried out with a cold engine to avoid possible burns of hands.
  2. Use a wrench to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.
  3. If the top of the engine is covered with a protective plastic cover, carefully remove it. In the event that there is no such protection on your engine, this item should be skipped.Candles
  4. Remove the high-voltage wire from the shank of the spark plug of the first cylinder by gently pulling it by the rubber cap.
  5. Using a soft cloth, carefully remove all dirt around the spark plug. This should be done so that with further unscrewing of the candle, this dirt does not get into the combustion chamber.
  6. Throw the head of the candle key on the tail of the candle and with effort push the candle out of the “dead” position. Then smoothly unscrew it completely from the socket. A special thick rubber insert in the head of the key will tightly grip the candle and prevent it from falling. Lift the key up and remove the old candle from it and set it aside.
  7. Remove from the packaging a new candle. If you are installing classic candles with an adjustable gap, check the distance between the electrodes of the new candle with a caliber - it does not always match what is stated on the package. Adjust the clearance if necessary.
  8. With your hands insert the candle into the nest and twist it with your fingers until it stops.After that, throw a key on the candle and tighten the tension even further by turning the key a quarter of a turn.
  9. Put the rubber cap of the high-voltage wire tight on the new candle.Candles
  10. In the same way, replace the spark in all remaining cylinders.
  11. After the last high-voltage wire is returned to the place, put the protective cover on the motor (if it has one) and fasten it carefully.
  12. Connect the negative cable to the battery, check if you have forgotten something under the hood, close its cover and start the road test.

If you did everything right, you should start the engine, as they say, half a turn, and the motor will rumble quietly and monotonously. After you are convinced of the stable operation of the engine, stop it and inspect the old candles. If the electrodes of the candles were bent and covered with a thick black soot, this indicates a malfunction of the motor. More information on this topic can be found in our article.

Buying a new set of candles

In the operating instructions, find the section in which the manufacturer gives information about exactly which candles are suitable for your car.Usually, all manufacturing plants recommend putting only “native” candles, but they can, if desired, or if necessary, be replaced with candles from other companies, by checking the markings in special correspondence tables that are found in automobile references.CandlesThe same table should be in any decent autoshop. Specifying the brand of candles, you can go shopping.

When buying spark plugs for the first time, do not forget to purchase both a special candle key that you will need to install and a caliber designed to measure the gap of the candles.

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