How to change the gland drives

You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - a hammer;
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - grease for wheel bearings.
Drive the car to the garage, use a jack to lift the wheel, which will be replacedballingand bearing. Remove the wheel and place it under the engine spar.
Insert a powerful flat-head screwdriver into the ventilating window of the brake disc so that it rests against the brake caliper and impedes the rotation of the hub.
Remove the brake caliper and its mounting bracket. Suspend the caliper by fastening it to the coil of the front strut spring using a thick aluminum wire.
Using the socket wrench, loosen the rack mounting nuts to the steering knuckle.
Remove the ABS sensor. If it is not removed by humane methods, it is better to find the electrical connector of this sensor and disconnect it. Do not forget to free the wire from the body and the rack, if necessary.
Remove the brake disc from the hub and push the drive shaft in by hand.If it is not pressed, be careful not to damage the threads, hit the end of the shaft with a heavy hammer. Make sure that it can be pulled out of the splined part of the hub.
Remove the knuckle assembly. Be careful not to damage the ABS sensor wire.
Using a small sledgehammer, knock the hub out of the bearing race, then use a powerful flat screwdriver and hammer to remove the drive seal. The gland of the hub will come along with the hub. Using a grinder, cut off the remainder of the inner bearing race.
Clean dirt from stuck dirtballingon the hub and on the drive. This is best done with a metal brush. After cleaning the work surface, sand it with fine sandpaper and rinse with a solvent. Immediately before installing the hub, lubricate its working surfaces and drive with the same lubricant that you put in the wheel bearing. Apply the same lubricant to the splined part of the drive to seal the joint so that water does not leak through it in the future.
Install a prearranged steering knuckle, tighten the drive nut and try rotating the hub by hand.If the rotation is smooth, without jamming, fully assemble this unit and install the wheel. Try on the subject of backlash. If not, then everything is assembled correctly.

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