How to choose a coffee maker

How to choose a coffee maker

How to choose a coffee maker

To all lovers of delicious coffee this article will be very useful if you have not yet acquired such a very useful and small device that can turn every morning into something special and incredible. The coffee maker is capable of brewing very tasty coffee, of any kind and kind. Of course, the ways of preparing each coffee maker are different, as well as the speed of work, but keep in mind that coffee will be much better than just pour it with boiling water in a cup. Different coffee makers in different price categories have different functions and are able to brew different types of coffee. We will try as best we can, in general, to talk about what characteristics of the coffee machine to pay for when buying. It is very important not to be mistaken with the purchase of such a thing.


Coffee maker, which one to choose.



There are different types of models of such technology, and one of the most popular is the coffee maker, made according to the French Press type. This model of coffee maker consists of a cylinder that is able to retain heat perfectly, it is made of thin and durable glass. Also in this technique there is a special filter and a piston.The lower part of the device is connected by a special filter in the form of a grid. Such coffee makers have their pros and cons. Well, firstly, the coffee is prepared very quickly, a lot of pressure contributes to the qualitative preparation of all types of drinks. In the coffee maker, you need to add ground beverage powder, because they pour everything with boiling water. Then wait no more than five minutes, but if your taste data is special, then you can insist a little longer. Then the piston needs to be lowered down, and all in order to conduct a quick filtration of the drink. Finished coffee remains at the bottom.






The advantage of this kind of coffee grinders is still that there is no need to carry a network of electricity. This can save sometimes, but you will also save on electricity. You can warm the water in anything, even during a hike or a picnic, this makes it possible to use the device anywhere in the world, even on Everest one could drink delicious coffee. Basically, these coffee makers are not very bulky and light enough to be dragged along. Therefore, consider this option when choosing.

There is also a type of coffee maker, such as a filter.Others call it a drip, and all because of how it works. Such a device has a heating circuit through which cold water will flow, after which it will begin to heat up to the required temperature. It will be 90 degrees, that is, the boiling point of water. Then drops of water gradually begin to drain into the filter, where the ground grain is. Gradually, the water absorbs the aroma of coffee, then it begins to accumulate in the vessel. This method of preparation allows you to get a very rich and unique taste of coffee. Americans love to cook their favorite drink for a fun morning in this way.





The next type of coffee maker is called espresso. Such models are capable of making delicious coffee using the highest pressure of a couple, but note that for making such coffee you need a special kind of grinding “Espresso”. Such grinding is very large, and its preparation requires special knowledge, the grains using a special technology are pre-fried over low heat. With this machine you can easily and quickly cook such drinks: cappuccino, coffee, mokachino and much more. On the coffee will remain light foam milky color.You can add a little milk, for this you need to first activate the mode called "steam". Next, the tube coffee makers need to be lowered into the tank where the milk is. It will be processed by the highest vapor pressure, which will help make a light, fluffy foam on the drink.



The cost of this type of car will be pretty decent. But basically it will directly depend on the power of the device, and more precisely on the pressure that the coffee maker can produce to the maximum. Also, when choosing an espresso will need to take into account other useful features. Many models have leakage protection, and it is very convenient to control them at any stage of the preparation of a drink, using the control buttons on the device. It is not strange, cheap coffee makers will pour the drink very unevenly and poorly, in one cup it will pour more slowly than in another or something like that. Therefore, for a uniform preparation of coffee for several individuals at once, it is better to take a more expensive model, you should not save on your nerves.






How to choose a coffee machine for the house on the technical characteristics






So what are the basic parameters to look at?When are you going to choose a coffee machine for home use? We tried to put everything as clear as possible in the form of a list:

  1. Temperature. From this parameter will depend on how long it will take to prepare a particular drink. The safety of the coffee machine is also a bit dependent on this technical specification. Water should heat up quickly and reach a temperature of 90-100 degrees over a certain time. Steam pressure should be at least 15 bar if you want to get a really tasty and pleasant aroma drink. The horn of the machine should always work at a pressure of at least 8 bar.
  2. The power of the device is that amount of energy that it will consume per hour. The minimum rated power for a quality result is 1000 watts. Of course, it would be better if you find an inexpensive and branded coffee maker with a power of 1500-2000 watts.
  3. The material is also quite important, as a parameter to which attention should be paid when choosing this kind of equipment. It will be ideal if you get a machine with a metal horn, coffee in it will retain all its taste. Cheap plastic models are not worthy of respect and choice.
  4. Making cappuccino is a feature that will be very important when buying an espresso. No, not now, probably, one who does not like to drink fresh coffee with milk foam. Complement with such a coffee machine should be a special nozzle, which will help to beat the milk. It will be better if there is an automatic attachment. After all, manual work will take a lot of time and effort.
  5. Using pods. It is also a useful feature that allows you to use packaged coffee. Actually chalda is such packing with ground and fried coffee which is pressed. This package weighs about 7 grams. Packed coffee is very expensive, therefore, a model that can cope with such tasks will also be much more expensive than its counterparts.


Have a good shopping and let the coffee tell you a pleasant morning every day!

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