How to choose a grinder

Types of Bulgarians

The choice of the grinder depends on the type of work that will be performed with the help of this tool. In this regard, grinders are divided into 2 types:
- professional;
- household.
Between themselves, they differ in design, purpose and price. Professional angle grinders are designed for long and intensive work. The main distinguishing features of this type of instrument include:
- high wear resistance of knots that allows to conduct long works;
- significant weight, which is explained by the presence of high-strength body and special assemblies;
- low probability of overheating;
- high power;
- additional features that facilitate long-term work;
- quite high cost of the grinder and accessories to it.
Domestic grinders are designed for smaller loads. The design of such models is less durable. These angle grinders are relatively inexpensive. However, household grinders do their job well.
It should be remembered that when working with a household tool you need to give him a little rest at certain intervals. After about 10-15 minutes of work, you should take a break for 15-20 minutes.
If the Bulgarian is required for work in the household, there is no need to purchase an expensive and powerful professional tool that is designed for large-scale construction work.

The choice of the Bulgarian: the main criteria

There are several basic parameters by which the functionality and practicality of the tool are determined. When choosing a grinder should pay attention to the following of them:
- power;
- disc diameter;
- the speed of rotation of the spindle;
- the number of pens;
- type and size of nozzle used;
- additional functions.
One of the important characteristics of the grinder is power consumption. Its value can be 600-2600 watts. This parameter affects the quality of surface treatment, heating rate, wear resistance, the degree of duration of work, variation of nozzles, type of finishing material and other functional characteristics.
The harder the job, the higher the power should be.There are 3 groups of Bulgarians for this indicator:
- powerful - more than 1500 W;
- medium - from 900 to 1500 W;
- low-power - less than 900 watts.
Powerful grinders - professional devices with a high interval of continuous operation. They can handle any surface, including thick metal and concrete. For household work such a grinder is not rational to use, since the resources are designed for large-scale construction activities.
The most popular ones are medium-power grinders. They are considered universal because they are used for different purposes, both household and professional. Low-power angle grinders are suitable for infrequent work. Such a tool can handle materials with moderate tensile strength. This type of grinder is suitable for grinding metal and stone surfaces.
Thus, the more often the grinder will be operated and the larger the planned work, the more powerful it must be.
It is important to remember that the power of angle grinders is related to the diameter of the circle, which can be from 115 to 230 mm. The more powerful the grinder and the larger the diameter of the disk, the deeper you can cut through the layer of material being processed.Installing a disk with a larger diameter than that provided for it may result in damage to both the tool and the operator.
The grinders are made at different spindle speeds, for example, from 2,800 to 11,000 revolutions per minute. Some angle grinders are equipped with a device for speed control. For cutting metal or concrete, the speed of rotation of the spindle is very important. The faster it turns, the faster the cutting disk rotates and the higher the cutting performance of the material.
For grinding the surface of the material used lower speed of rotation of the spindle. Each grinding or cutting disc is designed for specific revolutions. Exceeding these speeds leads to the destruction of the disc or even injury.
Often, grinders are equipped with two handles, but there are options with one. If the weight of the tool is impressive and it requires frequent grinding, it is better to stop the choice on the Bulgarian with two handles. This ensures safe operation and eliminates many difficulties in the process of use. In addition, some models of angle grinders have vibration-absorbing handles.
The grinders may have the following additional functions:
- soft start, providing a smooth inclusion of the tool;
- automatic speed control;
- ergonomic indicators (convenient handle, special means, reducing vibration, providing convenience and safety of use);
- cleaning from dust.
These are just some of the features that modern LBMs can be equipped with. Manufacturers of Bulgarians strive to make the tool as practical and convenient as possible, and therefore, before buying, you should carefully read its additional features.

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