How to choose a humidifier?

Such household appliances as humidifiers can not be called a worthless purchase, and all because its acquisition is not a luxury, but a necessity. Modern ecology does not allow negligent attitude to the air we breathe. Due to the huge amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, not only nature suffers, but also our health. Therefore, so that your home is not dangerous for its inhabitants, you must purchase a humidifier. So let's consider how to choose a humidifier?

Most modern models are able to work around the clock in a closed room and do not require installation. They also have a fairly low noise level, so you can safely install it in any room.

In order to keep the humidity optimal for living, the following parameters should be observed: for a person - 40-60%; for parquet and furniture - 40-60%; for plants 55-75%. Let's see which air humidifier to choose?

Steam humidifiers

The simplest device for air humidification is one that works on the principle of turning water into steam. During its operation, the air masses are not only saturated with moisture, but also purified. The advantages are high productivity (the ability to evaporate at least 700 ml. Of liquid per hour) and the ability to increase humidity by more than 60%. Thus, such devices can be safely placed in greenhouses and closed greenhouses. It is quite easy to use and does not require additional equipment.

As for the shortcomings, among them you can see a large consumption of electricity, as well as the absence of a hygrostat. Let's look at the second humidifier-air purifier, how to choose it correctly?

Ultrasonic humidifier

These types of humidifiers are the most purchased today. Everything is in the combination of the original design, ease of operation and reasonable cost of the device. Ultrasonic type of humidifiers is the most modern and economical, it is able to work with a reduced noise level, has a built-in hygrostat and can easily control the level of humidity in the room.In addition to residential apartments, these humidifiers can also be used in greenhouses with tropical plants, as well as in rooms that store antique items. You can place the device not only in one room, concentrating your location in it, but in all at the same time to move freely around the house. In addition, this humidifier is quite mobile, and you can take it with you. The device is controlled on the display with a touch surface. The presence of a special cartridge for decarbonization of moisture will not allow those salts that are in the water to get into the air. Also, when using such an ionizer, white traces will not remain on the surface of the furniture. Very often, it is for people with asthma and other lung diseases that an ionizer, a humidifier, is purchased, how to choose it in accordance with the necessary requirements?

Humidifiers, which are the most "popular"

The most famous humidifiers are manufactured by Air-O-Swiss. They serve well both at home and at work. Very often they are bought precisely for placement in nurseries and bedrooms.However, they are not as versatile as ultrasonic, because they can only produce strictly limited amounts of moist air. This was the reason why they are not purchased for moistening gardens and greenhouses. But traditional humidifiers are quite economical in electricity consumption and have low noise levels. Such devices work according to the “cold evaporation” method, when water fills the tank of the device and only from there it gets to the remaining evaporation parts. The fan, which is located in the heart of the apparatus, receives dry air from the room and passes it through the evaporator. With the help of such mechanical actions, the atmosphere of the room is saturated with moisture. If you supply a humidifier with a silver rod, the air masses will be not only clean, but also useful. If you think what to choose a humidifier, then, without hesitation, purchase a traditional one, and you will not lose.

Indoor climate complexes

Climate complexes are more sophisticated devices than conventional air humidifiers. The atmosphere of any apartment in an ecological sense is not ideal, therefore, in order to live comfortably not only for people, but also for plants, it is desirable to acquire climatic complexes.If a similar device works in your apartment, then even the furniture will serve you longer, since it is the poor air quality that causes cracks in the wood materials. Climatic complexes also have anti-allergic installations that clean the air from dust and other tiny particles. Very often such devices are installed in medical institutions.

The basis of this climate system is the operation of a system of special filters that capture particles whose size is less than 0.001 microns. They are the most famous allergens. Filters also destroy the smell of tobacco and harmful gases. It is possible to create a pleasant indoor microclimate by adding aromatic oils to the plant.

Climatic complexes have different power, but most often they have three modes (in the range from minimum to maximum).

Place a humidifier preferably on a dry and flat surface in a room with an area of ​​no more than 150 sq.m. Sometimes, to increase the activity of the device, it is placed near the radiator.

Now, having considered all possible options, you know what a humidifier is, how to choose it in accordance with the specified requirements.

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