How to choose a laptop on the parameters correctly

How to choose the right laptop photo

How to choose a laptopcorrectly

Choosing the right good laptop



The laptop in the modern world has ceased to be something surprising and rare, many have the opportunity to buy it and do it. You should know, however, that the technical capabilities of a stationary computer are much higher and the price is less. Therefore, if you plan to work indoors, you have your own workplace for this, it is better to buy a regular computer. It will be much safer, more practical and cheaper. Of course, there have recently appeared very powerful laptops in their capabilities. But they cost so much that for this money you can buy several stationary computers.


The main advantage of the laptop is its mobility, that is, the ability to work on it in almost any conditions (even on a hike, even on a river, even in the mountains). For mobility, in fact, you have to overpay. If mobility is of paramount importance to you, then of course you should buy a laptop.


Important is the compactness of the laptop, the fact that it does not take up much space.According to this principle, it is often chosen by people who have no place to install a desktop computer at home.


Laptop manufacturers are faced with the task of making them as mobile, compact as possible, but productive, close to powerful modern computers. Notebook parts have to be made small, but powerful, and this is much more difficult. Manufacturers are getting better at this, but the cost of laptops is increasing.


The range of laptops is now as wide as the range of computers, so you shouldn’t miss the first one you find if you like, for example, its color or size. Much more important is its technical characteristics. It is best to make a choice with a specialist, if you are not very well versed in technology. But before that you need to first decide for yourself what you plan to do on the laptop, what it is for you. If you plan to write essays and articles - you need one model, for design work - completely different. They have their own requirements for working on the Internet, for games, for watching movies, etc.


Depending on the tasks, select the necessary technical characteristics of the laptop and relate to the price that you should be affordable. The market offers laptops for every taste and budget.Of course, the more features a laptop, the higher its price, it must be remembered. If you do not need any technical capabilities, you do not need to overpay for them. You should not take the cheapest laptop, if it does not perform its tasks, it will become an unnecessary thing for you. We'll have to pick up and buy new equipment. Upgrading a laptop, unlike a computer, is not possible.


If a laptop with the technical properties you need is too expensive for you, you can buy a used one, which will be much cheaper. But in this case, you need to ask a specialist, whom you trust, to check the technique for working capacity, so as not to get a non-working option. We need to carefully examine the appearance of the used equipment. If the laptop was dropped, and it is immediately obvious, it is unlikely that it continues to work well. After all, there is no guarantee for a used vehicle. If he refuses to work, you will only have to throw it away.


Laptop batteries (batteries)



Almost always, the rechargeable battery of a used laptop is planted, and the purchase of a new one is incompatible with the price of the laptop itself.Although for some models, new batteries are available at a price. All this needs to be clarified. If you plan to use your laptop on the street or in other places where there are no outlets, the battery should be good. If you always have the outlet on hand, you can take a laptop with a weak battery for the sake of its other advantages and cost savings.

Batteries (batteries) for a laptop photo


Weight, size, laptop case, screen



Of great importance is the weight of the laptop. The larger the screen, the better you can see everything on it. This is true. But a laptop with a large display, for example 17 inches, and weighs more. If you plan to walk a lot with it, it may be worthwhile to opt for a smaller display, for example 12 or 10 inches, for the sake of the ease of your technique. It is better to think about this beforehand than to curse everything, carrying with it an unbearable weight. Although this issue should be approached individually. For some people, wearing weights is not a problem, and the big screen is fundamentally important for work. Then, of course, the large size of the laptop will have only positive moments.


Monitor resolution also matters and depends on the tasks assigned to it.If you plan to work mostly with text or download articles and abstracts from the Internet, you will only need the XGA resolution (1024x768). But if you are editing photos, making graphics or watching videos, you should choose a laptop with a resolution of WUXGA (1920x1200). Some games also require a large screen resolution. Otherwise, they simply will not start or it will be terrible to hang.


Laptop displays are made using different technologies. Each has both disadvantages and advantages. Twisted Nematic is cheap technology itself. It is good because it requires low energy costs and quickly responds to user requests. But color and contrast leave much to be desired. Photos with poor resolution will give spots of greenish color. On other screens, such photos will look just darkened. Laptops made using this technology are cheaper, but are not suitable for professionals engaged in graphics and design.


Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment (MVA) technology provides the display with higher color reproduction, contrast and brightness. But it responds to the user's request much more slowly.If the waiting time is not important for you compared to the image quality, it makes sense to choose such a screen. Most users choose it.


Displays manufactured using IPS technology (In Plane Switching) have the best technical capabilities, but they have an even slower reaction speed and a very high price. Such displays are only suitable for highly demanding professionals.


If we talk about the characteristics of the monitor, you should pay attention to its coverage, it will help you choose the laptop correctly. The surface can be matte or glossy. Matte surface does not give glare, does not shine, but on a glossy surface a brighter image. Caring for a glossy surface is more difficult, it is better to see dirt, dust and scratches.


In any case, the choice is up to the user. He must decide what is more important to him, depending on what types of work he plans to perform on a laptop and in what conditions.

Screen (display) of laptop, matrix photo


Which processor is the best for a laptop



Of course, the work of the laptop is primarily associated with the features of the processor. The speed of operation of this technical device depends on the processor clock frequency and on the amount of RAM.Processors used in laptops are different from those used in stationary computers. They consume less energy and do not heat as much. After all, many users keep laptops on their knees, but otherwise it would be impossible. Although doctors say that keeping a laptop on your lap is very unhealthy. If it is absolutely necessary, it is worthwhile to at least put something under it to reduce its harmful effects.


You should also choose a processor depending on what you intend to do on your laptop. If you will only work with texts, a processor with a clock frequency of 1.5-2 GHz will do. To work with video and graphics, a clock frequency of more than 2.5 GHz is required.


A more reliable processor manufacturer is Intel. But their processors are mainly created for those who work more with textual information, communicate on the Internet, etc. To work with graphics and video, you should still choose AMD processors. Before you choose a laptop, pay attention to it.

Laptop photo processor


Laptop motherboard



Each model of the laptop has a suitable motherboard for it; you cannot replace it with another one. This is due to the peculiarities of the manufacture of laptops.In them all useful space is very economically used, there are practically no voids. When choosing a laptop, you should only make sure that the motherboard has an additional slot for increasing RAM. It may come in handy.

Laptop motherboard photo





For normal operation, a laptop needs 2-4 GB of RAM. To work with graphic applications, it must be more than 4 GB. If the RAM is not enough, some of the information will be sent to the hard drive, which will significantly increase energy costs and will contribute to overheating of the laptop.


Laptop hard drive



Hard disk or hard drive is the external memory of the computer. Sometimes it can be replaced, but not always. The amount of hard disk drive you need also depends on the tasks assigned to the laptop. Video storage will require more storage than text files. Numerous additional programs can also overload the laptop and slow down its work, if the volume of the hard drive is small. But a laptop with a large hard drive memory is more expensive. Of course, the size of the internal memory and the physical dimensions of the hard drive are completely different things that do not depend on each other.We recommend buying a laptop with a memory capacity of 500 to 1000 GB and more, in any case it does not hurt, because 1 average movie weighs from 0.7 to 2 GB.


Sometimes you can sacrifice the amount of hard disk for the sake of other technical characteristics of the laptop that suit you.


Laptop video card



The video card in the laptop is built-in; you cannot replace it or select it separately. But if on early models of laptops it was designed as the main one for working with texts, then in modern laptops it is usually quite powerful (up to 2 GB) and allows you to watch videos and work with pictures and play modern games. Therefore, its characteristics can not focus on if you do not need to play "powerful games."


Modern sound cards in laptops are also built-in and quite advanced. They have already installed the AC’97 codec for normal, high-quality sound reproduction. The only thing you need to check when buying a laptop is the presence of audio output from the sound card. This will allow, if necessary, to connect headphones or additional speakers, if the built-in speakers are not enough.

Video card laptop photo


Laptop I / O Ports



I / O ports are important. They allow you to connect additional devices to your laptop. In addition to the audio output / input, there must be a USB port (preferably several). It is also desirable to have an infrared port (IRDA), as well as Bluetooth, to transmit information from mobile phones. The presence of the PCMCIA port is very helpful. To connect additional RAM, you need a Type I port. To connect a fax and modem, you need a Type II. To connect an additional drive, a Type III port is required. If you need to connect a laptop to a regular monitor, you need a VGA port, if you need to connect photo or video equipment - an IEEE1394 port. Some laptops are equipped with a TV-out, a slot for memory cards (SD, MMC, MS).


Network card, modem, laptop Wi-Fi module



Of course, the most important requirement for a laptop is the ability to access the Internet. After all, our age is the age of information, and any computer should be able to find it quickly and efficiently. Yes, and communication to save time is increasingly becoming virtual, with the help of Internet networks. The communicative capabilities of a laptop are determined by the presence of a modem (standard V.90 / V.92, 56k), a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network card.Many laptops are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, since the use of wireless Internet is now very popular.


The keyboard of the laptop is slightly different from the computer, it is smaller, and the number of keys is reduced. But usually it does not interfere with the user. It is important to check whether there are Russian letters on the keyboard and whether they are clearly visible enough.


Instead of a mouse, a laptop usually has a touch pad. It is easy to adapt to it. Sometimes there is a TrackPoint joystick located in the center of the keyboard. This is an amateur. However, it is not necessary to focus attention on the manipulator. If both options seem inconvenient to you, you can always connect a regular mouse and work with it. For some laptops, it even comes bundled.


The built-in rechargeable battery usually provides a two-hour opportunity to work on a laptop without recharging. More recently, there have appeared more advanced models that can operate without electricity for a longer time. But depending on this, their cost increases. Sony Vaio VGH-TX650P works up to 8 hours. However, it should be remembered that working with textual information takes up less energy than working with graphics. This means that in the latter case, the work time will be less.


A battery is a technical detail that spoils in the first place. This must be remembered when choosing a used laptop. For some modern models, it is possible to purchase an additional battery if working on the battery is important for you and is related to the features of your activity. For active mobile work with a laptop computer, you should purchase a reliable bag-case that will protect it from rain and sun and prolong the work.


The best laptop body made of aluminum alloy. It is light and durable. For plastic models, more careful handling is required. The most expensive models are trimmed with leather, they are pleasant to the touch and enhance the mood and comfort of the user. But the work of the laptop does not affect.


Using our useful tips, you are sure to be able to choose and buy a laptop correctly, meeting your needs and abilities. Do not overpay for unnecessary technical specifications, but pay attention to those that will be important in your work. A laptop is a thing for individual selection.


When buying a laptop, do not forget to fill out the warranty card.Make sure it is properly filled. Repair of computer equipment is very expensive, so you should not ignore the warranty.


There are also companies on the market that have proved themselves to be successful in the production of high-quality notebook models. This is Toshiba, ASUS, Sony, Acer, HP, Dell. It makes sense to pay attention when choosing a laptop models of these firms. But sometimes Samsung, LG, Fujitsu Siemens models are more comfortable with users in terms of their technical characteristics. Do not be afraid of this. With careful use, these models will be excellent assistants in the work.


The main thing is that the laptop is not dropped, do not spill liquid on it and do not leave it open in the scorching sun. Otherwise, the best models will not last long. If you buy a laptop is not particularly neat teenager, do not choose too expensive model, you still very soon have to buy him a new technique because of careless handling. An adult neat person can use even a not very seemingly popular and reliable option for years.


Careful handling and requires a charger. If it is dropped, or it is exposed to liquids, then it does not work well.


Every year the possibilities of laptops increase, new models appear. Therefore, to buy a laptop with the technical capabilities that may be required later, in reserve, it is not necessary. These features may not be needed, and in the future they may cost much less. Your child, too, in a few years is unlikely to want to use an outdated model and ask for a new one.

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