How to choose a sofa for a comfortable sleep?

Sleep plays an important role in the life of each of us, and to make it comfortable, sometimes difficult. One of the main tasks on this path is the choice of a sleeping place. Of course, a bed is best suited for this purpose. But what if you need to arrange guests, and the bedroom is only one? In this case, the sofa will help out. So, what is important to know when choosing a sofa for sleep?

To begin with, it is necessary to take into account its size - not only relative to the room space, but also regarding growth (for example, for children or for adults) and the number of people (single or double) who will sleep on it.

Obviously, the sofa should be comfortable lying. You can buy good and high-quality sofas here. To sleep was comfortable, you need to choose a filler of the appropriate stiffness. It is not worth saving on it, because the material depends not only on the quality of sleep, but also on the state of health. Choosing in favor of cheapness can lead to pain in the back and insomnia.This applies to the sofa as a whole - furniture from poor-quality materials and with poor assembly will not last very long.

Basically, the "insides" of the sofas come in two types - from foam (polyurethane foam) filler and in the form of a spring frame.

Most consumers choose the first option because of the convenience and wide range. In addition, foam rubber is hypoallergenic. At the same time, the polyurethane foam wears out rather quickly and under long-term operation it "sags". This affects the shape of the sofa and the convenience of using it as a bed, and can also lead to a curvature of the spine.

Before the advent of foam, the vast majority of sofas available on the market were made using a spring frame. However, such models, improved and refined, are in demand now. This is due to their advantages over the sofas with foam fillers: they last much longer (up to 20 - 25 years), are durable, better fit as a berth; good orthopedic characteristics make it more pleasant to sleep, evenly distributing the load on the back.

At the same time, these sofas are not without drawbacks: they are rather stiff, less comfortable than foam rubber counterparts, and during operation springs can make noise. Although manufacturers have learned to cope with the latter problem by placing the springs in special bags.

The best option in this case may be a sofa with a combined filling. In its production, mattresses are used that combine a spring block and polyurethane foam filler. Such models are gaining increasing popularity. They are quite durable and durable, while practical and comfortable. In addition, they are usually sold at affordable prices.

When choosing a sofa, special attention should also be paid to the folding mechanism - it should be comfortable and reliable, easy to operate. It is useful to have a special compartment for bed linen.

This knowledge will help you choose the right sofa for a comfortable sleep.

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