How to choose a wristwatch?

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch

For most of us, a watch is not just some kind of device that shows time, but also a stylish status accessory. First of all, the watches themselves, namely the brand, the material, and the most important price, are able to demonstrate your status, taste and condition. Secondly, beautiful men's can add solidity to a man, for example, at a wedding, and women's watches add elegance to women. You must agree, if Maurice Lacroix is ​​put on your hand, then the very first impression is quite good. In this article I would like to give a number of useful recommendations how to choose a wrist watch.


Next we will consider the following questions:



How to choose a wristwatch



For the correct selection of watches, one should focus not only on the manufacturer’s company, but also on their price. Undoubtedly, costly watches can not be the wrong choice, howeverThe watch has a number of technical features that you need to pay attention to when choosing a model so that they not only indicate the status, but also suit the main characteristics.

So, go to the parameters of the clock directly.





The first thing you should start choosing from is the kind of clockwork. It is mechanical and quartz. Let us consider in more detail their features.


Mechanical watches

Mechanical watches are such watches, which have a complex chassis, invented several centuries ago, but they are still in considerable demand. Mechanical watches consist of wheel gears and springs, in conjunction with each other producing a course of the clock. Mechanical watches can serve approximately 20 years. To operate a mechanical clock does not need a power source, the owner only once in a few days to start them. However, they have several disadvantages.

Perhaps the most important drawback is the degree of accuracy of the mechanical clock, which reaches 10 seconds per day. The accuracy of the stroke depends not only on the health of the mechanism, but also on the position of the clock and the ambient temperature.Mechanical watches need more complex repairs, and this is reflected in the price.


Quartz watch

Quartz watches operate on quartz oscillators, thanks to which electrical oscillations are created that ensure the running of the clock. Thanks to this mechanism, a more accurate clock is provided, and the error will not exceed 25 seconds per month. Quartz watches do not need a periodic plant, which of course is convenient for many. Due to its design, quartz watches include a number of other additional functions, which will be described below.

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch


Time display



At the moment there are 3 methods to display time: switch, electronic and combined.


Arrow switch

With a hand time display, the time is displayed using the hour hands. Depending on the brand, the number of arrows is two or three. The second hand is applied both to the main dial and to the additional one. On a mechanical watch, the analogue method is the only possible method for displaying time, and as an option on a quartz watch.



The electronic way to display time is to display time using numbers. For some, this method is considered the most convenient. This way of displaying time is used only in quartz watches. Therefore, in addition to displaying the time itself, other information can be placed on the dial.

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch



As you might guess from the name, with the combined method of displaying time, both digital and analogue methods are used. This method is used only in quartz watches.

It is worth mentioning the new display system “Twelv”, where each hour is displayed in a separate color, and the minute is filling up the space, reminiscent of the Moon. But there are few models of such watches, and they did not become so popular, perhaps because they were created quite recently, or because of their unusualness.



Type of numbers



If you prefer an arrow display on the clock, then you should decide which numbers you would like to see on the dial. These figures can be both Roman and Arabic. Each of the options has its advantages, which we will tell, giving advice on how to choose a watch.

Also, you should decide on the number of dial faces. Dials are 12-hour, 4-hour, and even 24-hour. Most often there are 12-hour dials, and such watches are called classic. On the dial there are numbers from one to twelve, which is convenient and practical. To unload the clock display, manufacturers often place on the dials four digits: 12, 3, 6, and 9. This type of watch is comfortable with its minimalism, but this is not liked by everyone. And also, very rarely, you can see the models of the clock, on the dials of which, there are 24 numbers, but this arrangement is not convenient for everyone. Also mention should be made of watches that do not have numbers, instead of which there are 12 divisions, also for those who prefer minimalism.


How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch


Time format



The time format is a way to display the time on a digital display. There are 3 temporary display formats: twelve, twenty-four and combined.

In the first format, the day is divided into two periods of 12 hours: the period before noon and the period after, which are designated "AM" and "PM".This is very convenient, since we are accustomed to perceive time just according to this system, for example: "two in the morning" or "three in the afternoon."

24-hour format will display the daily time in the usual form, starting from zero hours 00 minutes, and ending with 23 hours and 59 minutes. Most of all this option is popular in Europe.

It is most convenient to watch having a combined time format when the user is independently asked to choose a time format convenient for him.


Second hand



Typically, the vast majority of watches with arrows have a second hand on the main dial. However, there are watches where this hand is transferred to the additional dial, or it may not be at all. Determine the presence of a second hand according to their need.


Power source



Watches may have different power sources.

As mentioned earlier, in a mechanical watch, the power source is considered a spring mechanism, due to its pressure, which drives the watch mechanism. When the plant begins to weaken, the clock gets up and they need to start again, or, in order not to do this, produce a factory.Usually one plant can last for two days. In addition, there are models of mechanical watches, in which there is a automobile factory. Thanks to this function, the clock will automatically pick up and you will not have to worry about it. Self-winding is made by vibrations, during the movement of a person, so if your activity is more than eight hours a day, then self-winding will be very effective for you.

In quartz watches, a battery serves as a power source, whose charge can last not for one year. This option is very convenient for forgetful people or those who need additional functions in the watch.

As another source of power can be a solar panel. This means that the sun's rays that fall on the clock will pass through the dial and go to the photocell, which converts the rays into energy and accumulates and feeds the clockwork. However, such a source of energy is very inefficient, because it is necessary that the sun's rays periodically fall on the clock, and this is problematic if you work in a room where there is no sunlight, and also in the winter when the sun has very low activity.


Clock form



The most popular forms of watches:



• In the form of a barrel;


• Square clock;


• Round clock;


• Oval clock;


• Rectangular clock;


• Rhombic clock;


• Non-standard watches.


The choice of the shape of the watch is based solely on personal preferences.

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch


Clock type



Watches come in 4 types:



• Children's watches;


• Ladies Watch;


• Men's Watch;


• Unisex watches.


In principle, everything is clear here, the only thing worth explaining about unisex. This is a type of watch suitable for both men and women.



Body material



There are many materials for the production of watch cases. It makes no sense to list them all, so we confine ourselves to the best and most popular.



The very first, of course, should be said about the body made of gold. The Golden Corps is the most prestigious and one of the most beautiful. Despite the fact that this metal is very soft and very expensive, it is still one of the best materials.



The most expensive metal for the watch case is platinum. Platinum is harder than gold, but this material is heavier.Usually, platinum watches are made for individual orders.



Palladium is also often used for the manufacture of watch cases. You have probably heard that this metal is also called “white gold”. Palladium looks like platinum, but it's easier. This metal is very good in itself, since it is not susceptible to oxidation and the appearance of corrosion, and its surface can be perfectly polished.



Titanium is an excellent material for watch cases: it is lightweight, extra strong, and quite beautiful in appearance. This type of watch has a fairly reasonable price compared to previous metals.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel watch case is very common. It is very durable and very durable. As a disadvantage, it can be called that on the surface of the body can be formed scratches, which then can be removed by polishing. These watches will be the perfect combination of quality and price.



The most budget material for a watch case is plastic. Its only advantages are practicality and low cost.

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch


Bracelet or strap



Wristwatches can be attached to the hand with bracelets or straps.

The straps are made of leather, plastic and silicone. Speaking of leather straps, they are most comfortable due to their softness and look very beautiful on the hand. An alternative to leather is textile straps, they are cheaper, but, alas, not so durable and durable. Plastic and silicone straps are used in inexpensive and children's wrist watches.

Speaking of bracelets, they are made from different materials: gold, stainless steel, titanium and other metals. Watch bracelets can also be called an indicator of their value and status of the owner. Often a bracelet can play a more important role than the watch case itself. If you are guided by the status when choosing a watch, then such a watch will be with a gold bracelet, if you need something simpler, then the bracelet will be made of stainless steel.




Skeleton is a watch with a transparent case through which you can see the mechanism. Such watches are very beautiful, just imagine that you will have the opportunity to admire this wonderful mechanism all the time, which consists of continuously moving springs, gears and gears.





The last parameter on which you should be guided by buying a watch is the glass that closes the dial. There are 4 types of glass for the dial:



• Plastic;


• Mineral;


• Sapphire;


• Combined.


Glass made of plastic is used in inexpensive types of wristwatches, therefore, such a glass is not of high quality, and besides it is easily scratched. Mineral glass is also prone to scratching and is easily broken. Sapphire crystal is very scratch resistant, but it is easy to break. The best option can be called a combined glass, consisting of mineral and sapphire, combining strength and not susceptibility to scratches.


How to choose a men's watch



First, men's watches should be chosen based on the purpose of their use. If their goal is to show how long, it's a steel or titanium watch or a stainless steel watch. But if you want the clock to indicate your status, then it should be a watch made of palladium, gold, or even platinum. And if you want a watch with a strap, then you should give priority to the strap of leather. Speaking of the bracelet, it should be said that for the status it is best to buy a watch whose bracelet will be made of gold, and for practicality you can choose a stainless steel bracelet.Also, to underline the status, select the clock with the hands and the twelve o'clock dial and Roman numerals.

In addition to time, the watch may also include, a chronometer, a calendar, a compass, a backlight, an alarm clock, etc.

Also worth mentioning is the shock resistance and water resistance of the watch. If the watch is shockproof, then its mechanism is protected, but it should be remembered that the glass and the case are not protected from damage. The waterproof case does not allow moisture to penetrate inside, so in some hours you can take a shower and even dive to a certain depth.

How to choose a wristwatch

How to choose a wristwatch


How to choose a women's watch



For women, the clock with the hands is most suitable. Material for the case can be steel or gold. Speaking about the numbers on the dial, it is better to give preference to minimalism. To give yourself the status, prefer a watch with a bracelet, and if you need practicality, then with a leather strap.

Usually, women's watches do not have a large set of additional functions like men's watches. As such, we can note only the calendar and shock resistance.



What brand of watches to choose



The most popular watch brands are as follows:



• Appella;


• Casio;


• Citizen;



Which Swiss watch to choose



Among Swiss watches it is better to choose the following brands: Appella, Jaguar, Nina Ricci.


How to choose a gold watch


And if you need a gold watch, then we recommend these brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Appella, Breguet and OMAX.

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