How to choose and buy a used iphone

The cost of such a device depends on the model. Few people remember the Iphone 3 or 3GS, in 2009-2010, their cost was about 20 thousand rubles, which is a lot. But with the release of 4,4S, 5 and 5S models, people are used to giving such sums for a new phone. Popularity began to use the purchase on credit. And yet many people cannot afford to buy a new phone, preferring to buy second-hand predecessors with the release of a new model.
As with all phones, the Iphone still has its weak points, which should be checked first of all when shopping with hands.

What to look for when buying an iphone from hands

First, the external state is checked. Cases in contrast to the model could be plastic, glass and aluminum. The most frequent mechanical damage remains on the glass in the form of small scratches and on the sides in the form of chips. The degree of damage, which agree, everyone chooses.
Secondly, you need to go to the phone settings and check the amount of memory for the claimed match.Here you need to look and information about the phone, is it really an iPhone that works on iOS. Sometimes there are times when inexperienced users buy Chinese phones running Java or Android.
Thirdly, it is necessary to check the operation of the sensor and its sensitivity. The phone should not be too slow. Accordingly, the sensor is always triggered.
If there is a slowdown in work, then look among the installed applications Cydia. This program means that the phone was hacked to install paid programs for free. This is convenient, but affects the overall operation of the phone. To return to the standard firmware, you will have to restore the factory settings via iTunes.
Now it remains to check only the operation of the camera in the photo and video mode, and then check the sound of the speaker during a call. When viewing pictures there should not be any points in the same place in different photos. This indicates the presence of dead pixels.

Current prices for used iPhone

The average price for a good condition for the fifth iPhone is 17,000 rubles. 5S model in the same condition is estimated to sell at 24-25 thousand rubles. Iphone 4 and 4S costs 8 and 10 thousand. These prices correspond to 16GB memory models.

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