How to choose plastic windows correctly

How to choose plastic windows correctly photo

How to choose plastic windows correctly

How to choose a good plastic windows



In order for your new windows to serve as long as possible, you must first select them correctly. Today, in each city there are many companies specializing in the sale and installation of plastic windows. Every day their popularity is growing steadily, and with it their cost decreases. Do not forget that you choose not just a partition between your apartment and the street. Plastic windows perfectly retain heat in the apartment, relieve you from extraneous sounds and sunlight, and are also the subject of decor. There are several criteria that you just need to follow when choosing windows.


Plastic window profiles



Profile. German quality profiles, such as Veka, KBE, Proplex, Rehau, Trocal, have proven themselves in the Russian market.If the profile is based on galvanized steel, such a profile will be very reliable and will serve you for more than a dozen years. It is also worth paying attention to how many sealing contours are in it and what is the maximum width of the glass unit. It is also customary to distinguish profiles by the number of air chambers. The most common options are three-chamber profiles, although there are even more. Today, in most new buildings, three-chamber profiles with two-chamber double-glazed windows are installed. That is quite enough. However, if windows are larger than average, it is common to install more reliable profiles.


Accessories for plastic windows




Accessories for plastic windows ajnjFittings. Fittings created not only for ease of use window. Today there is a huge variety of decorative accessories that can perfectly complement any interior of the room, make the window more attractive and the window more harmonious. Excellent proven German manufacturers of window fittings.


Double-glazed windows for plastic windows



Double-glazed windows for plastic windows photoDouble glazing. It consists, as a rule, of two or more hermetically connected glasses, between which so-called chambers are formed. They are usually filled with inert gas or air.There are chambers in which a vacuum is created on the contrary. Such windows perfectly retain heat, and the dirt between the panes simply does not accumulate. Most effectively keep heat and isolate from extraneous noise, windows with chambers filled with inert gas. Glasses, as a rule, are separated by a spacer frame, which contains a substance that perfectly absorbs moisture, which eliminates the possibility of glass misting. In order for the sun to not penetrate into the room in the summer, and to keep the heat in the room in the winter, special coatings are applied to the glass that reflect infrared radiation. To the naked eye, such a coating is impossible to see, apparently this is the most common glass. The more cameras in a double-glazed window, the more efficiently such windows save heat. However, along with this, the width of the window also increases.


In order to prevent sunlight from entering the room, you should choose a glass with a mirror coating, which is a thin layer of metal oxide. The metal mesh allows the glass to remain intact even in the event of a fire, making it more durable and fire resistant. The safest glass is laminated glass.Even with the strongest mechanical influences, with impact, and even shots, such a glass will not break up. Also perfectly isolates from ultraviolet radiation and extraneous sounds.


The quality of the purchased window depends entirely on the selected manufacturer. Those who have proven themselves on the positive side both on the Russian and global markets, always provide a guarantee for a long time, and are always ready to provide all the necessary documentation that meets the general requirements. Such companies even set deadlines for acceptance of completed work.


Installation of plastic windows



 Installation of plastic window photoInstallation. As a rule, the installation of the window is performed by specialists provided by companies selling windows themselves. Before ordering a window, it is necessary to make measurements of window openings outside and from the side of the apartment. In order for the window not to fall out later, it is necessary that the dimensions on the outside should by no means be larger than the dimensions of the window frame itself. Installation of a new window begins with the dismantling of the old window. To do this, prepare the room. As much as possible to protect the furniture and the floor from dust and dirt.After dismantling, surface preparation begins. Window aperture must be leveled, eliminate all irregularities, fill all voids.


After all the preparatory procedures are completed, the installation of a new window begins. It all starts with the installation of the frame in the prepared window opening. Before this, all the sash and double-glazed windows are naturally removed, which will be installed later. Above the edges of the window opening must be located holes for drainage. It is also necessary that between the window opening and the frame the entire space is filled with special foam, which can be used to eliminate other cracks and cavities. When interacting with oxygen, the foam expands and fills even the smallest cracks. The window sill is installed at the very last turn.


It is important that the purchase of windows and their further installation should be made by the same company, then it will be easier to resolve them if any disputable issues arise. Also remember that excessive savings can lead to high costs, when cheap plastic simply starts to crack from temperature differences. When choosing a company is better to use the recommendations of friends or relatives. “Word of mouth” and today remains the ideal option when choosing a company. But remember that the choice is always yours.

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