How to choose plastic windows for a country house

If you live in a country house and want to replace plastic windows, while planning to save money, then when you contact the manufacturer, you must take into account the peculiarities of the building's insulation and the quality of the existing heating system. In addition, it is important to take into account the presence in the immediate vicinity of noisy roads and the requirements for a particular room of the house. With this approach, it is possible with reasonable expenses to decorate the house with beautiful plastic structures and create a reliable barrier from penetration of cold and noise into the house.

Let's take a look at how to choose plastic windows, taking into account their parameters and characteristics that are optimal for a country house.

When ordering PVC window profile constructions, it is necessary to carry out a gradation of the premises according to the requirements for them, because in any house there are residential and non-residential rooms and it is foolish for all of them to buy expensive windows.

Profile System Requirements

The profile is the basic element of the window, so let's start with it.The profile system can have from 2 to 6 internal chambers, while the larger the number of internal compartments, the better the insulating parameters of the window as a whole and, accordingly, the higher the design price. From here you can make a practical conclusion - order a multi-chamber (4-6 compartments) profile only for rooms where sleep is planned, for other rooms you can buy windows with a 2-4 chamber profile system. This rule is relevant if the country house has a good heating system and the facade is warm enough from the side of the street.

In addition to the number of cameras, check with the manufacturer whether there is a reinforcing rod in the plastic frame. This element increases the rigidity of the profile and prevents its damage (deformation) under wind load. So a large-sized window without a reinforcing rod after a year will create problems with opening and closing the valves and can lead to a complete failure of window fittings.

Requirements for double-glazed windows

The glass unit can also have from 2 to 4 chambers, and it is desirable that they are filled with krypton (inert gas), which enhances the thermal insulation effect and is visually invisible when operating the structure.As for the number of internal chambers, inexpensive plastic windows for non-residential premises should have a two-chamber double-glazed window, and for living rooms you can order a package of 3 or even 4 chambers depending on the climatic conditions of the region.

Modern technologies for the production of double-glazed windows allow improving their parameters without increasing the number of internal chambers. So to increase the thermal insulation, you can order packages with a coating on the inner glass of silver ions. Such a special layer is visually imperceptible, but prevents the leakage of thermal energy from the room, while it easily passes inside the natural ultraviolet.

A good choice of profile systems and double-glazed windows with a different number of cameras is offered by the Windows Prestige company, on the website of which you can get all the necessary information for a competent purchase. Visit and be convinced of the high level of the manufacturer, who takes into account any wish of the customer and does not have a single black spot on his professional reputation.

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