How to choose sneakers on the platform?

Today to see a girl in sneakers on an impressive wedge is not news for a long time, and just about 3-4 years ago such an unusual modification of sports shoes did not exist! Sneakers on the platform is a choice of brave and bright personalities who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and actively emphasize their individuality.

Among other things, it is very comfortable and practical footwear, which, thanks to its shape and rich color palette, is easily combined with various style combinations, unusual sneakers on the platform will never go unnoticed!

It's funny that such a bizarre hybrid appeared just now, because, that sneakers, that the platform has existed for more than one decade. It is noteworthy that the platform for shoes was invented even during the Second World War, and its inventor was a shoemaker from Italy who made shoes for a famous actress.

The fact is that the girl had a very small height,and thanks to such a wonder-new product, she has risen up more than a dozen centimeters! The ingenious idea of ​​combining wedges and comfortable sports shoes came up with Isabel Marant, a famous French designer, in fact, he was the first to release such a modification. Since then, interest in the unique hybrid has not waned, but, on the contrary, it is only growing!

Today, the original French designer models can be purchased exclusively by special pre-order. But do not despair, today fashionable sneakers on the platform can already be found in the collections of almost all famous designers. If you decide to go shopping, then you probably will know how the name of such a unique fashionable creation in the fashion-industry.

The most famous name they got from the creator is “sneakers” from the English “sneakers”, which means any sports shoes with rubber soles and tops made of fabric or leather. There are a number of other names - "bekkety" or "arrowroot", in fact, formed from the name of the designer himself.

How to choose?

According to fashion designers, sneakers look very profitable on the female leg,emphasize its relief and plasticity of transitions, and at the expense of a hidden platform allows you to make your hostess higher and more elegant. A comfortable wedge allows you to wear such sneakers in almost any situation, besides, they are easily combined with almost any form of clothing, from everyday casual, ending with romantic and very feminine bows.

Naturally, the exception is a strict office dress code and a festive evening dress, here sneakers on the platform, no matter how charming they are, will not do.

It should be noted that for all positive features, snickers are quite massive shoes, and therefore will not look good on a large foot, ranging from 41-42. Be sure to pay attention to the very form of a sneaker, it is important that it is concise, and the decor is moderately rich and varied.

Bright and bold models look harmonious only on ladies with very slim and thin legs. When choosing a color, start from the clothes under which you are going to wear them. Ideal will look compositions that match the saturation of the tone (note, tone, not color).In general, the feet and shoes should make up a monochrome silhouette, for example, beige snickers and cream skirt and so on.

Many women believe that the snickers are a purely youth model, and they are very mistaken in this! Fashionable sneakers on the platform is the choice of modern and courageous ladies who appreciate beauty and comfort, and the matter is not at all the age!

The only ones who should avoid such shoes are women with full calves, since the elongated form of the sneaker can add unnecessary volume. It is still possible to find the opinion that sports shoes cannot be combined with a wedge or heel, however, it is an improved sports style that is becoming increasingly popular and in demand every year.

So what to wear?

When you finally decided on the shape and color, the question arises, why combine such super-modern shoes? Of course, the most relevant are casual sets: jeans and a sweatshirt, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket in addition to stylish backdoors will decorate you and, at the same time, add a sense of comfort.

Another common option is leggings and an elongated tunic or tank top, if it becomes cool,then the image can be complemented with a park and a fabric scarf or a collar, but if, on the contrary, it is already hot in leggings, then wear a skirt or short shorts! Snickers can very well be combined even with dresses, of course, if it is not business, but, for example, a dress shirt or a light chiffon “razletayka”.

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