How to clean the door from paint

How to clean the door from paintRemove old paint from walls

One of the important details of the interior are the doors. If they look untidy, they need to be repainted. In order for the new paint to lay down well on a wooden surface and not crumble for a long time, the doors should be pre-cleaned. Our channel of useful tips will help to understand.

To clear the door of paint, remove the old paint you need:

- spatula flat;
- triangular spatula;
- cycle;
- electric hair dryer;
- blowtorch;
- organic solvent;
- wash;
- respirator;
- protective glasses;
- latex gloves;
- rags;
- brush;
- water;
- brush;
- detergent or soap.


Prepare the door to clean the old paint. For convenience, remove it from the hinges and lay it horizontally. In order not to spoil the metal parts with corrosive solutions, separate the handle and the lock mechanism from the door and fill the depressions with rags. All that is not necessary to remove the old paint, close the newspapers or film. Get ready for the fact that there will be a lot of dry garbage and dirt, and therefore change into working clothes.


Remove loose layers from the wooden door with a spatula. Apply with a brush on the old paint special remover. Wait for a while and scrape off the soft dirt using a rag or cloth. If it wasn’t easy to clean the entire surface, try washing the door again. You can use a blowtorch or hair dryer for this purpose. When directing a stream of hot air to the paint, soften it and remove with a knife, loop or spatula. Wash cleaned surfaces with a large amount of water or an organic solvent.


Remove paint from the veneered door. Try to wash the paint off first with a soapy solution of water. Wipe the surface of the door with a soft brush. If the paint is latex, these actions will lead to the visible result and the door will be cleaned. To remove oil paints, take a soft cloth and a liquid solvent that can be used on veneer surfaces. When using cleaning fluid, strictly follow the instructions for use. Wash the treated door with plenty of water and wipe with a clean, soft cloth.


Useful tips on how to remove old paint from the walls



Use protective equipment during work: a respirator, goggles and gloves. When exposed to paint with hot air and chemicals, toxic substances are released, therefore, you should do this work in open space.

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