How to clear the RAM?

Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
January 30, 2013
How to clear the RAM?

According to statistics, more than 85% of computer users prefer operating systems Windows. However, despite the great popularity, the quality of this product, in a sense, sometimes leaves much to be desired. Sometimes the computer may hang due to the fact that it does not load any process, or there is no free memory. How to clear the computer's RAM?

The easiest way is to just wait. After some time, the RAM cleaning service, which is in any operating system, will perform its task and the machine will hang. However, sometimes it may not work effectively.


The most effective way to clear the computer's RAM is to reboot. During this procedure, the cache memory will be cleared, and the machine will work fine. But, sometimes this method of solving the problem is unacceptable, and then how to clean up the RAM?

Special utilities

The most common method of cleaning RAM is the use of special software. There are programs such as Ram sever pro and CCleaner that will help you with this.

Regedit team

You can also use the RegEdit command to clean up the RAM, having previously entered the registry. Then you need to select those programs that you want to stop or not include at startup at all. This method should be used only by those users who are confident in their actions and have certain skills.

Disk Cleanup

Another available option for cleaning RAM, which will be discussed in this article, is called disk cleaning. To implement this method, you need to enter the control panel and select the service tab, then select the function to clean the disk. The system will start checking all files, applications and programs of the computer, and then will offer to delete unnecessary, in her opinion.

It is easier to prevent overloading of RAM than to constantly clean it. It is quite easy to do. Simply turn off or stop system services and applications that are not needed by a typical user.

With the standard settings of the operating system, about forty processes are turned on when the computer is turned on, and not all of them have an extremely important role. In order to disable the process, you need to go to the control panel menu and go to the service system of the operating system. You will see a list of all running processes on your computer. It remains only to choose unnecessary and stop them. Thus, you can reduce the number of running applications to twenty, which will release a lot of RAM. Now you know how to clean the RAM.

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