How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?


It is possible to originally congratulate an employee for each birthday, but if it is also a jubilee date, then it is important to try.

Most often, in offices, no one thinks about the original gifts. Usually, at the last moment the courier is sent for a bouquet or something else "beautiful." Then everyone calls each other, so that in one bunch they fall into the office of the hero of the occasion for joint congratulations.

Often people congratulate their colleagues in standard ways: a postcard and an envelope with money. But even such a gift will turn out to present in an original way.

There is always a problem to choose the most worthy to read the wishes from the postcard. Then a primitive verse sounds, everyone claps their hands, the hero of the occasion with flowers and an envelope distributes glasses of champagne to everyone. And it's all. Of course, even the smallest change in such a scenario will certainly be remembered. Even a long-known trick with a large number of boxes, revealing that, as a result, at the very end is a gift. Another "traditional" option - congratulations on the radio.But in fact, there are a lot of interesting variants of congratulations. Let's try to consider some of them.

Personal poem to a colleague

In the course of creating a poem to a colleague, it is important not to overdo it. Mark personal qualities, professionalism. Even if a person is not famous for the special skills that are needed for successful work. Remember that any person is pleased when they pay attention, notice features.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?

Restrictions are imposed by subordination or company traditions. If you are new to the company, in order not to break the tradition, ask the personnel department, colleagues or the head of the board.

Special requirements are put forward to the verse greetings from the bosses. Each manager must decide whether the greeting will be from his own person or from the company as a whole.

Each company has its own customs: somewhere they get by with formal congratulations at work and a buffet table, but it is also possible to organize a celebration in a cafe or a banquet hall. In such a situation, any poetic congratulations become relevant.

The poem, and even written specifically for the birthday, can not leave anyone indifferent.

When pronouncing congratulations, first it is worth noting the business qualities, but a positive impact on the atmosphere in the team, human traits, and only then professionalism. Often, employees become one family for each other, and therefore the approach to composing congratulation poems is required.

Individual gift on order

Each person will appreciate the attention of his colleagues, if the usual thing to breathe a little bit of features and warmth. Today many variants of individual gifts for the order, personalized gifts have been invented. These include gifts created by caricaturists, artists, Photoshop specialists and souvenirs.

Initials, photos or individual text will make any gift truly valuable. That no one ever wants to peredarit or throw into the far box. Even a simple cup with a name lettering or photo will become a favorite thing.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?

Unusual birthday present

It is pleasant and unexpected when a huge doll tumbles into the room, hugs the birthday boy and gives him a present. A doll can be in the form of a bear, a hare, an alien, a cartoon hero.For an unusual birthday present, rent a similar suit and dress up one of your colleagues.

Another option is to hire carnival costumes, and dress up a group of people or a couple: in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden (if the holiday in summer is even more interesting), in Gusar and the young lady, movie characters, Superman, Batman, etc. Such a greeting can not leave anyone indifferent or forget. Be sure to take a photo for memory.

If no one of the colleagues wants to change, then you can invite professional animators to the office.

Chocolate fountain in honor of the anniversary

Say what you like, and a chocolate fountain is always festive and healthy. Call a pastry chef who will create a fountain (or even three small fountains of different types of chocolate), slice a sponge cake, fruit or marshmallow so that you and the hero of the occasion can celebrate the “sweet day” fun and tasty.

Cabinet decoration

A similar idea - the decoration of the office - it is always a pleasant surprise. Just imagine: an unsuspecting birthday boy walks around the office, comes into the office, and there ... Balls are everywhere, bright paper pompons. Wonderful looking garlands with wishes, inflatable toys, fountains of balls, inflatable bouquets ...

Sweet surprises, unusual gift-giving - all this can make even an anniversary birthday unique and unforgettable.

If the anniversary is from a man, then even huge numbers are ordered.

Congratulation Presentation

Another variant of an unusual gift is a presentation-congratulation with pleasant words from each colleague. If you have a room with a projector in your office, then create a similar presentation for the birthday person.

It adds and collective poems from various departments, bosses, neighbors in the office; they create slides from a photo, where colleagues will interestingly write a congratulatory and take a photo with him: on the hood of a car, from coins, from pebbles, on sand, on a sheet of paper.

Such a task should be given in advance, and then collect all the photos in one presentation file or make a wall newspaper. It takes little effort, but man will be pleased.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?

Sand show

Most likely, everyone knows how artists create drawings of sand on a special table - these are interesting stories or fairy tales. Images of sand are changing, and on a large display you will see an animated film. Such a sandy show with congratulations takes 15-20 minutes.A key role can be assigned even to the hero of the holiday. Sand story will be about him or for him. Tell the artist in advance about the main stages of the work or the life of the birthday man. You will need a room with a blackout.

Invited birthday artists

There are a lot of options with artists for his birthday:

they call the birthday boy into the office for congratulations, but there the gypsies fly in with dancing and singing to the guitar;
another option: girls from carnival; a couple performing ballroom dancing; tap dancers;

Today there are many agencies that are engaged in organizing a holiday and provide professionals for congratulations.

if there is no special place for such fun in the rooms, then you can order a magician with a show of micro-magic. A magician will show off interesting tricks with coins and cards on any office table.


Even if you chose the traditional way (they came to congratulate you with a postcard), then nothing prevents you from taking 3-4 crackers for internal use and throwing a salute in the office. Today crackers are invented, of which money flies, pieces of foil, rose petals.

It is better if someone commands, so that the salute should be simultaneous. Guards in advance to warn, so as not to call the police. The culprit of the holiday will be covered with money or flowers from head to foot.

Another great option is the cold fountain. This is a safe design for a table or floor, which within a few minutes will delight the birthday boy with beautiful silver splashes.

An interesting and most interesting choice will be a large transparent ball, 50-100 small balls and confetti inside it. He is hung under the ceiling, and then pierced with a button. It turns out a big "boom", and the whole room acquires a festive atmosphere and becomes colorful.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?


If you have not heard this before, then you will be curious to know what it is "lady-buffet". This is a girl that stands in the middle of a table on wheels. Her outfit is sewn in such a way as if all the dishes are on a skirt. A lady-buffet is treated with a variety of goodies.

Separately, it is almost impossible to rent a similar suit, but please immediately with a girl. This service is provided by catering companies, so that the girl will be delivered, and treats.

Professional photo shoot

Ladies at any age love if they are photographed. So for female birthday girls, ordering a professional photo shoot would be an excellent option. The culprit will certainly come in a beautiful outfit, will receive a lot of compliments and bouquets, so it is important to certainly catch this moment.

Find a photographer who is able to find each unique image for a portrait. Today it is simple in view of the wide range of offers in the market. Then take pictures with artists and colleagues.

Photography is a memory for ages. A professional photo is doubly pleasant for everyone.

Photos are slightly adjusted in special programs, so that they will be very beautiful.

Picture caricature

Choose not a photo session, but a cartoon by photo. A professional in an hour will draw about 7 portraits, showing the birthday man in various angles. If you want to simply present a cartoon in a frame, then it is enough to send in advance several different photos of the hero of the occasion, and receive a gift in finished form.

They draw only a face or a person with a funny body or with certain objects in their hands in order to show the character and distinctive features of a person.You can donate not only the drawing itself under the glass. With a cartoon, you can order a plate, a cup, a poster, a calendar, etc.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?

Photobuffer photo shoot

Why not hold a funny photo shoot with funny lips or a mustache on sticks? Photobutaphoria will appeal even to shy employees, and the birthday party will have a series of photos in memory.

Give everyone a sweet props, and no one dares to refuse the photo with the words about the lack of photogenic.

General picture

So, the overall picture is drawn like this: you are delivered a large picture (100x150 cm or larger), on it a professional artist creates a sketch with a storyline that will please the birthday person.

The picture depicts the culprit of the holiday in an expensive car or near the palm trees on the beach. And then each of the employees must brightly paint a part of the image or object. It is difficult to name a masterpiece, but such a picture is sure to please. And if you have craftsmen, then buy a frame and canvas and create a sketch yourself.

How to congratulate a colleague on his birthday?

Story cakes

Today, pastry chefs are truly capable of creating miracles. On request, they make any subject cakes that will help the hero of the day to feel that this is his day and personal cake.Confectionery masterpiece on the topic of creating a hobby of a man, his favorite movies, make his own portrait. Such a sweet art has no boundaries, except for the budget.

Other original gift ideas

Consider a few more original gift ideas for a colleague:

if at work you have spaces with a large area: halls, corridors or halls, then for congratulations create a huge postcard. Large sheets of different colors spread a wish in the lobby, and a colleague is shown it from the 3rd floor;

A cake with a plot, a picture from each of the workers, interesting photo ideas - all this is simple, requires minimal expenses, but brings a lot of positive and joy.

a routing map is created in the postcard, which will lead to the presentation. The larger the office area, the more interesting the journey;
Despite the passion for healthy lifestyles, the fashion for sweet goodies does not go away. Therefore, the sweet card also becomes relevant: a cake with an inscription, in the form of a document, etc. This greeting will appeal to all;
if there is special equipment, then you can congratulate the person using video or audio. Make automatic inclusion when the main character of the holiday appears;
The decoration of the room where a colleague’s congratulation is planned is also important. It is not necessary to create an exclusive here: inflate balls, hang garlands - and the holiday is guaranteed.

As you have seen, creating a holiday is easy. The main thing is to turn on the imagination and not be lazy when searching for an original idea.

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