How to congratulate daughter happy birthday

How to congratulate daughter happy birthday

How to congratulate daughter happy birthday

As a rule, the birthday of your beloved daughter is not just a holiday, but something special. On this day, she becomes a little princess, regardless of the number of years she turned. Parents are preparing for this event is always extremely carefully, because a daughter, the first beauty in the whole world and clever, always has a large number of hopes. Here you can see beautiful congratulations on the birthday of her daughter from her mother in verses and prose, as well as unusual audio greetings and practical jokes on her mobile phone.


How on this wonderful day to do everything so that the girl really felt that she was the best and favorite daughter in the world? First of all, tell her about it. Of course, you need to do this all the time, but on a birthday especially try.


The rest depends, first of all, on the age of your beauty. Young princesses will be very happy if, for example, the characters of their favorite cartoons come to the festival. Take the money and hire good actors who can cheer the hero of the occasion and her guests.


Properly decorate the apartment: hang balloons, posters with congratulations, add confetti and other festive decorations. Remember: the child also feels whether the parents are trying for him.


Hide sweets all over the apartment if the child loves them. Use the most unexpected places so that the girl is constantly surprised and happy, by chance or finding them from a clue. Sometimes it can be used on the birthday of more adult daughters, but, in addition to sweets, hide, say, cosmetics or other gifts.


In addition, older princesses will probably enjoy shopping with their mother or visiting a beauty salon. But at the same time, we should not forget that not a single teenager wants to spend day and night with his parents, especially on his birthday. Therefore, making the appropriate instructions, leave the daughter alone with friends, fun in this case is provided.

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