How to connect headphones with a microphone?

For many people, the main value of the Internet is the ability to communicate with people who are far away. In recent years, the speed of the Internet gives people much more opportunities to communicate, allowing you to communicate not only with text messages, but also with voice and video. In such cases, headphones with a microphone become very useful, as they are very convenient. Headphones with a microphone are especially popular among fans of computer games, since they do not interfere with the gameplay and allow you to communicate with other players in the team.

Headphone connection

Before you connect headphones with a microphone, check to see if there is a sound card on your computer. As a rule, in modern computer models it is by default, but if you assembled the computer yourself and there is no built-in sound card in the motherboard, you will have to buy it.

The sound card is inserted into a special slot of the system unit, after which the drivers are installed that are responsible for its operation.In order to communicate using a microphone, it is enough to purchase a simple and inexpensive model of a sound card.

After the sound card is installed, you need to figure out where to connect the headphones with a microphone. Pay attention to the connectors on the sound card. One of them is for a microphone, and another one is for headphones. Near each of them is the corresponding icon. To make it easier for users to connect devices, the microphone and headphone jacks have their own color. The headphone and microphone jacks are painted in the same color. All you have to do is plug the connectors into their intended sockets.

After the connectors are connected, you need to turn on the computer and go to the "Control Panel". In it you need to find the settings of audio devices. Windows tools allow you to customize various parameters of the microphone and headphones: volume, mode of operation and others. You may need to install drivers to ensure correct operation of the headphones and microphone. You can find them on the disk that came with the device, or download them on the Internet.

Microphone connection

If for some reason the microphone does not work, you need to figure out how to connect the microphone on the headphones and correctly perform this procedure. First of all, check whether it is properly connected to the computer. The microphone jack on a sound card is usually pink. A microphone icon will also be displayed next to it. The microphone plug can be red or pink. Sometimes the headphone and microphone plugs make the same color, but each one has an icon indicating the device for which it is responsible. Connect the microphone plug to the correct connector and check if it is fully inserted.

After that, start the computer and test the operation of the microphone. If you can hear yourself, the connection is successful. In case the microphone still does not work, you need to use the Windows Volume Control program. In it, you should use the regulator, which is responsible for adjusting the level of the signal that comes from the microphone. Move the slider to set the signal level you need. It is advisable not to make it too big to avoid strong distortion of the sound.If you did everything right, then the microphone will be available and you can use it.

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