How to connect the radio?

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How to connect the radio?

At the moment, the market for automotive products offers a wide range of a variety of car radios, however, no matter which car radio you choose, the connection will be made according to the general scheme. The exception will be cases when your car radio has a non-standard connector.

Consider how to properly connect the radio.

Car connection

Before you connect the car, pay attention to the presence of wires. Each car radio should have two pairs of thick wires: yellow and black. Also, the radio should have several pairs of wires to bring them to the speakers:

  • The yellow wire must be connected to the battery on the positive pole;
  • The black wire must be connected to any mount on the engine;
  • The remaining wires will need to be connected to the speakers.

As a rule, these wires are gray and white in color, and each pair of wires has one wire with a black stripe. Wires with black stripes are connected to the negative pole.Accordingly, single-colored wires are connected to the positive pole. Gray wires are connected to the front speakers, and white, respectively, to the rear.

We recommend connecting the wires through a special fuse to protect your car stereo. Also, we do not recommend to connect the black wire to the negative pole of the battery, as this may cause it to prematurely discharge, because the sound system of the car is able to consume a lot of electricity.

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