How to cook barley on water quickly, without soaking, in a slow cooker

Let's figure out how to boil the barley on water at home to get a tasty, well digestible and superemental nutrition that will delight your household.

- in the form of barley, purified from the natural shell. It is actively used in the manufacture of rich soups, nourishing cereals, lean pies and even kozinaki. Barley is of several types, differing in taste, size, color and shape of grains. Each cereal undergoes one or more processing steps, including shell removal, grinding and grinding.

The classic recipe for barley on water

Boiling water in a saucepan

According to the traditional recipe, pearl porridge is cooked on milk. In this case, the dish is high-calorie, thick and very nutritious. Water is a great alternative for hostesses who care about slender forms. Porridge cooked without milk is quick, crumbly and light, with moderate energy value.

  • Barley - 1 cup,
  • Water - 1.25 l,
  • Butter, salt - to taste.
  1. My barley in cool running water. I get rid of foreign objects, husks and grain shell. Perform the procedure several times until the water becomes transparent.
  2. I put the water to boil. I pour out the thoroughly washed cereal into the pan and send it to boil. Add oil in a few minutes, salt - at the end of cooking.
  3. To determine readiness, I recommend occasionally stir porridge, taste it. Cook on medium heat for at least 40 minutes.
  4. I remove the pan from the stove. I set up the dish to languish, closing the lid and covering it with a thick cloth on top. Leave it for 20 minutes.

Helpful advice.The exact time of cooking delicious barley on the water is difficult to calculate. It is in the range of 40-100 minutes. The time factor depends on the type of pan, method of cooking (on the stove, in the microwave, etc.), cooking temperature set by the hostess, grain soaking time (if conducted), type, size, type of barley processing.

Video recipe

A quick way to cook barley in the microwave

Krupa, divided into transparent packages of small size, will allow you to cook a tasty and flavorful dish in the microwave as quickly as possible. It costs more.On the other hand, the pearl barrel is touched and is completely ready for cooking.

  • Water - 1 l,
  • Perlovka, packaged in packages
  • Salt.
  1. I take a bag of pearl barley or several, depending on the number of servings, and put it in a glass dish.
  2. Pour cold water, put in a microwave oven. I set the power to the maximum value for 10-15 minutes. Then lower the cooking temperature. I bet for 20 minutes.

Cooking barley with soaking

Collage of different cereals

Soaking is a natural process for cereals, softening their structure and increasing in volume. The procedure is simple, requires 2-3 hours, simplifies the further process of cooking, reduces the cooking time. Pre-soaked croup is better absorbed by the stomach.

  • Water - 2.5 cups,
  • Pearl barley - 1 cup,
  • Red bow - 1 thing,
  • Carrots - 1 piece,
  • Bulgarian pepper - 50 g,
  • Garlic - 1 slice,
  • Salt - 1 small spoon,
  • Bay leaf - 2 pieces,
  • Turmeric - half a teaspoon,
  • Parsley, dill - to taste.
  1. I wash and soak the main ingredient of the dish in water. I leave for 2.5 hours.
  2. Then I send the rump to the pressure cooker, pour water, throw the laurushka. Salt, put turmeric.
  3. Close the lid, bring to a boil. After boiling under pressure. After 15 minutes, remove the pressure cooker from the fire. I let the cough go for a few minutes. I return to the stove for a slow fire, releasing pressure.
  4. Cooking frying. I rub carrots, brush and cut the onions, fry the vegetable mixture in a frying pan. In the end, put pepper and finely chopped garlic.
  5. Add the frying to the pearl barley. Thoroughly mix, I cook a little and put it on the table.
  6. I decorate a ready dish with fresh greens.

Helpful advice.A pressure cooker is not the most suitable option for storing cooked food. Put the dish in the pan.

Cooking barley without soaking

The recipe uses one trick. To make the barley more crumbly and without the cost of additional time (3-4 hours for soaking), we use a thermos.

  • Barley - 1 cup,
  • Water - 1.5 l,
  • Salt.
  1. Steaming cereals in a thermos. Pour hot water, sprinkle barley and leave for half an hour.
  2. Swollen cereals spread in the pan. I pour a liter of oxen and set the maximum power on the stove.
  3. After boiling, I take out the fire. Close the lid and cook until ready for 35 minutes.
  4. After evaporation of the water, add salt and butter. Again, close the lid and give the barley infusion.

Crumbly pearl barley with onions and spinach

Photo of fresh spinach leaves

Let's make an unusual dish with caramelized onions made on wine. Prepared on the water, does not require a lot of effort and time. Be sure to try cooking with this recipe. Households will be surprised by the combination of products, the exquisite taste of barley, veiled by other components of the artful dish.

  • Water - 2 l,
  • Pearl barley - 160 g,
  • Bulb onion - 175 g
  • Fresh spinach - 500 g,
  • Dry white wine - 55 ml,
  • Butter - 55 g,
  • Raisins - 35 g,
  • Pine nuts - 35 g.
  1. Pre-soak the barley for 12 hours. Then proceed to the cooking process.
  2. Pour the cereal with 2 liters of fresh water and set the pan on the fire. Cooking speed depends on grain size, soaking time and temperature set. I cook on medium heat, then I torment on slow. Cooking takes 80-100 minutes. Add oil and salt at the end.
  3. While the main side dish is stewing, I do vegetables. Fry finely chopped onion over low heat, add dried grapes and alcohol. Gently interfere. As soon as the wine has evaporated, I tossed pine nuts to the onions and raisins. Removed from the stove.
  4. Spinach fry in a skillet. I use butter. In the end I throw salt.


Helpful advice.In order to serve the dish beautifully, for the beginning we put the barley in the center of the plate, put spinach on top and around the edges. In conclusion, add the onions, fried in wine. It turns out original and very appetizing!

Proportions of water and grits for cooking

If there is little culinary experience and have not yet had time to adapt to the new kitchen utensils, when cooking porridge on barley you must adhere to the established proportions.

Soaked grains are cooked better than rinsed under ordinary water. An average of 40-50 minutes. For a crumbly condition, you need to pour cereals in a ratio of 1 to 2.5 (porridge to water). To get a viscous and viscous slurry, take the rate of 1 to 4.

Cooking barley in a multicooker

  • Groats - 2 glasses,
  • Onion - 1 piece,
  • Chicken broth - 0.5 l (can be replaced with ordinary water),
  • Vegetable oil - 2 large spoons,
  • Hard cheese - 50 g
  • Salt, pepper and fresh herbs - to taste.
  1. To shorten the cooking time, soak the cereal overnight. Leave alone.
  2. In the morning I put the stew chicken for broth.If there is no time to mess with the fat, take plain water.
  3. Start cooking vegetables. I turn on the "Baking" mode for frying in finely chopped onion in vegetable oil. After 8 minutes of cooking, add barley. Thoroughly stir. I cook 7 minutes.
  4. Pour hot broth on the basis of chicken meat, cut pepper, salt. Sending ingredients to the slow cooker. I close the lid and wait for the timer to work, set for 15 minutes.
  5. I rub cheese on a fine grater. I add to the dish and transfer the kitchen appliance to the “Heated” mode. Cooking time - 60 minutes.

Cooking video

Ready-made barley has a viscous consistency, delicate taste, a large amount of nutrients. It will be an excellent addition to fish or meat.

Perlovka in the army

  • Water - 5 glasses,
  • Perlovka - 2 glasses,
  • Pork stew - 2 banks,
  • Garlic - 4 cloves,
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.
  1. Wash the cereal in water. I repeat the simple procedure several times until the water becomes clear. Lightly dry the rump in a frying pan. I do not use oil, the fire is not strong. Pre-frying will make porridge crumbly and tender.
  2. I send the barley in the pot, pour water.
  3. I open the cans with stew. Pork, pre-crushed, you can "gut" directly in the pot, spread out on a frying pan, turn on the middle fire. Add crumbled garlic, salt.
  4. Constantly interfere. I wait until the meat mixture has evaporated.
  5. I send the stew to the swollen porridge, carefully stir. I set a small fire, turn on the timer for 20 minutes.
  6. I take off from the fire. Tightly close the lid, and on top - a towel. Porridge must be "reach." I am waiting for 30 minutes.

How to cook barley on the water for fishing?

Photo of ripe barley ears

Groats are used as tasty bait and fragrant bait. It helps in catching bream, crucian carp, carp, ide and other types of fish. Consider two recipes for pearl barley for fishing. Dear fishermen, take note.


  • Water - 1.5 l,
  • Sugar - 5 g,
  • Salt - 5 g
  • Barley - 1 cup,
  • Millet - 1 glass,
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon.
  1. Pour barley with 1.5 liters of water. I cook for 20 minutes, add a second cereal. Salt, pour sugar.
  2. Reduce the temperature. Mix over low heat for 40-50 minutes. From time to time I'm in the way. Add a dressing of sunflower oil.I remove from the stove, put cool.


  • Water - 1 l,
  • Barley - 1 cup,
  • Manka - 1 tablespoon,
  • Honey - 1 tsp.
  1. Pour the cereal water. Cook for 30-40 minutes over medium heat. At the end diminish to small. Spread on a plate. I'm drying.
  2. I put the manki on top. I give honey or vegetable oil.

Nozzle ready. The use of bee honey as a natural flavor is important for summer fishing. In winter, use a honey-pearl nozzle is not recommended.

Health Benefits of Healthy Foods

Barley is saturated with useful microelements and vitamins, will give odds to other cereals, for example, millet and rice for certain useful substances. The composition of the grass contains:

  • thiamine (B1);
  • riboflavin (B2);
  • pantothenic acid;
  • other B-group vitamins;
  • vitamin E;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus.

The maintenance of useful substances salutarily influences mental activity, strengthens immunity, nourishes hair and a skin, reduces probability of vascular diseases. Porridge helps out with problems with the digestive tract. Enveloping protective effect of cereals helps with exacerbation of stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, colitis. Use porridge as a prophylactic and supplement to essential drugs recommended by experienced doctors and supporters of traditional medicine.

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Perlovka is a cereal with a high content of vegetable protein, a nutritious product, a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Talk about the benefits of cereals can be long, but it's better to spend time preparing a delicious dish, even on water at home. Use the step-by-step recipes presented in the article, supplement or change them if you wish, introduce new ideas, delighting loved ones with fragrant and nutritious cereals and complex side dishes.

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