How to cook beans for everyone to enjoy?

Strange as it may seem, far from every family beans are a habitual food product. The most interesting thing is that most of the hostesses do not even think about the fact that in addition to the standard soup with beans, there are many tasty and healthy dishes that are very common among the hostesses of all countries of the world.

Beans are an excellent find for vegetarians, because it perfectly replaces meat in its composition, thanks to its high caloric and nutritional value.

It is of various types - light, red dark. It is advisable not to mix different types of beans in dishes, because, depending on them, it can be boiled soft, have different taste qualities.

It is an excellent dietary product, which is often used for diet in cases of gastrointestinal diseases, for example, in diseases of the liver and kidneys, diseases of the bladder, as well as in heart failure.


We will get acquainted with each species separately, to notice the variety of dishes that can be cooked from beans.


Most often, the beans are added to the pan along with the meat and cooked for about the same amount of time.

It is best to boil the soup with the beans, soak it in a separate container the day before, so it will cook much faster.

For example, if you are going to cook bean soup in the morning, then soak it in the evening, then you will immediately notice the difference when cooking.

Mushroom soup with beans. Due to its nutritional properties, the beans can act as an independent ingredient in the soup, without requiring compulsory meat broth. Excellent in taste combines boiled beans and mushrooms. To do this, soak the beans the night before, and in the morning the first thing we throw it in boiling water. While she is boiling, we cut carrots, onions and mushrooms, and then fry in a pan until golden brown.

When the beans are almost cooked, you can determine this by its appearance, and also having tasted it - it should become soft, then we put the potatoes cut into strips in a saucepan.When the potatoes boil, add fried mushrooms with carrots and onions. Salt and spices to taste, at the end of cooking you can add parsley and dill.

By the way, the taste will not deteriorate if you add cabbage to the soup.


Beans can perfectly replace the side dish, if it is served with meat, but the combination of pork and beans adversely affects the digestive process, but the rabbit or chicken will be an excellent complement to the beans.

Green beans.It is an excellent independent dish. This is a very useful product that is rich in vitamins C and A, and is also able to enrich the body with calcium, and as you know, it perfectly strengthens nails and teeth, and also normalizes hair and skin.

In order to cook green beans, you do not need to have special skills in cooking, as well as a lot of time.

For its preparation, take 500 g of green beans, 2 tomatoes or 200 g of tomato, 2 small onions and a couple of garlic cloves, basil and spices to taste.

Beans need to be welded in boiling water, but see that it does not digest and turns into a porridge, usually enough 10-12 minutes until it is ready. At this time, the onion is peeled and cut into half rings. Tomatoes must be separated from the skin, although this is a matter of taste, as the skin gives even more sourness, tomatoes must be cut into slices.

The garlic is peeled and choked with the flat side of the knife blade. Onions are sent to a frying pan, where they are fried until golden brown, after which tomatoes and garlic are added to it, all stewed together for a couple of minutes.

At this time, the finished beans are decanted and sent to the pan with onions and tomatoes. The dish is salted, peppered, basil is added, everything is thoroughly mixed and stewed for another 5-7 minutes until ready. In a practically finished dish, you can add a piece of butter, it will give the beans softness and a pleasant creamy flavor.

Often, housewives wonder how to prepare frozen beans, because most people buy it in this form in supermarkets, and not every day they bring it from the garden.

The main thing is to pay attention to the date of packing, because basically, frozen vegetables are not stored for more than three months.

In order to cook it, there is no need to defrost it at all, in this form it is sent to a saucepan with water, where it is brought to a boil.

What is lobio?

Another interesting dish, which is very common among Georgian hostesses, is lobio, in fact, this is a bean. Variations of cooking this dish, there are an infinite number, because, as many housewives in Georgia, so many options lobio.

The most important rule of this dish is not to mix the types of beans when cooking a single dish, because different types of boiled down differently, and for cooking lobio beans are cooked very carefully, then kneading into a paste.

How to cook?

Georgian cuisine has a special taste, which is achieved through spices. Usually it can be dried mixtures of seasonings, for example rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, mint, sage and others. Together they are usually called in one word - hops-suneli.

There may also include coriander, paprika, as well as cloves and saffron. Also in Georgian cuisine fresh greens are very generously used - green onions and cilantro. Lobio is a dish that is famous for its fragrant, but it is not spicy at all.

Ingredients: 1 cup of red beans, 3 medium onions, 2 tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of hops-suneli, salt and black pepper to taste, a bunch of parsley, onion and cilantro, 60 walnuts peeled and 2 cloves of garlic.

Beans are soaked in advance, approximately one day.When it swells up, then it needs to be put in a saucepan, add fresh water, and then cooked over medium heat for an hour, it is necessary that the beans become very soft. After cooking, the pan remains on the stove so that the beans reach full condition. Onions are peeled and cut into half rings, laid out in a frying pan and roasted over high heat.

There also hops-suneli and tomatoes, which are pre-cut into cubes, are added to the pan. The process of stewing continues until the vegetables are boiled down and the tomatoes are given juice.

Water is drained from the beans, the beans are placed in the vegetable mixture, where they are extinguished. The whole mixture should be salted and pepper to taste, close the lid. Walnuts and garlic are cut finely, mixed and also transferred to a frying pan, everything is covered with a lid again.

Greens are chopped and mixed with the whole dish. Lobio is served warm or cold, it cannot be reheated, as garlic will lose its flavor. It is believed lobio - this is an ideal option for a picnic with barbecue.

Dishes from this simple product can be truly royal.

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