How to cook steamed patties? What's better? Parolvarka or multicooker?

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Cooking any food for a couple is useful and tasty! I even know how to cook without a slow cooker and steamers for a couple)) I need a pan and a colander in the hole)) As usual, put the cutlets together into a colander, put the pan with water and let it boil. Steam will go and then put a colander in the pan. The truth will be prepared for a long time! You can still cook in a mantavarca. Well, in the double boiler as we do everything, there is nothing tricky) Blind the chops and put them in the double boiler. Only the vessel needs to be oiled. In a slow cooker, my chops are cooked for about 50 minutes. We put, if they start to burn, then add water. I like it better in a slow cooker) a crust is obtained!
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I always cook cutlets, meatballs and steamed vegetables in a slow cooker, it is convenient and simple, there is a program called Steam. I do not advise you to take a steam cooker, you will not only have a steam one all the time.Take a cartoon, in it you can make delicious pastries and make yogurts, and you can also cook pilaf and milk porridges. We have a Redmond 250 ceramic bowl, and there are 48 cooking programs and a MasterShef there.

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