How to cook a dough?

Such a concept as a dough, a dough for strudel, or a filo of domestic production, is widely known in the culinary and food industries, especially in the Mediterranean countries. Many cook it very successfully at home, stuffing with vegetable, meat and fruit fillings. The dough turns elastic, soft, pliable to stretch to the state of tissue paper. That's why he was called Philo, which is translated from the Greek phyllon - "sheet".

How to make such a masterpiece? The procedure for preparing the dough is quite simple: a fresh mass is prepared (the list of ingredients in all recipes is almost the same, the difference is only in their number), and then rolls to the finest state and is filled with different fillings.

Here are some recipes for making strudel dough. The dish turns out tasty and tender, no matter what kind of stuffing you choose: sweet or not.

Traditional filo

To prepare, take:

  • wheat flour of the highest quality - three glasses (this is about 500 grams);
  • salt - about one teaspoon;
  • refined vegetable oil - about 5-6 tablespoons;
  • warm water (slightly warmed to 38 degrees) - about a glass or a bit more.

To lubricate the dough, buy a small amount of butter or ghee. True, some hostesses replace the creamy on a good vegetable refined.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Mix the flour and salt, sift them through a sieve. It is advisable to do this twice.
  2. In a bowl of flour, pour in the required amount of vegetable oil, add warm water. Stir with a spoon, preferably wooden. It should be a cool fresh weight.
  3. Put it on the table, knead. You do not need to add flour!
  4. We beat the lump of dough, throwing it on the surface of the workplace. This procedure is done fifteen times.
  5. Put the mass in a plastic bag, tie it up and immerse it in a container filled with slightly warmed water (about 40 degrees).
  6. Leave the minutes for ten.
  7. We divide the fresh mass into small balls, about the size of tennis balls.
  8. We roll each lump, evenly stretching on all sides of the working surface. If necessary, lightly sprinkle with flour.
  9. We lay all rolled glades with a wet towel and leave for a few minutes (five minutes is enough).
  10. Then re-roll or stretch hands until it becomes the thinnest. Be careful not to tear.
  11. We grease with melted butter every rolled pancake and put them in a pile of 3-4 pieces. As a result, we get a few piles.
  12. The base is ready! We lay out any stuffing, bake in the oven until cooked (15-20 minutes at an average temperature)!

Be warned that the rolled dough layers dry out very quickly, therefore we recommend to oil them thoroughly or cover them with cling film.

On the towel

Prepare everything you need:

  • boiled water cooled to room temperature - 0.5 cups;
  • a bit of vegetable oil - 30 gram pile;
  • wheat flour of the highest grade - 1 cup;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • powdered sugar (sprinkle sweet product).

Additional materials: plastic food wrap, work surface, lint-free towel, preferably linen, (baking paper can be used).

Phased cooking process:

  1. On the working surface of the hill, pour the flour, top with water and replace the mass.
  2. During kneading, add a pile of butter, mix well for ten minutes and form a cake.
  3. Throw on the table the resulting lump. So do it five times.
  4. Grease the dough with sunflower oil on all sides and cover with cling film or a towel and refrigerate.
  5. After one hour, remove from the refrigerator, divide the lump into two pieces.
  6. One half put in the refrigerator, previously covered with polyethylene, and roll the second on a towel, sprinkled with flour.
  7. Then take the cake with a towel in one hand, or rather place it on the back of your palm, and the second stretch the cake. This should be done carefully, slowly, so as not to break and do not damage.
  8. Continue work until the formation becomes very thin. If you are baking strudel, then you do not need to make several layers, just one well-rolled flat bread is enough.
  9. Fold the stuffing on the dough, put it on a baking sheet, put it in the oven and bake until tender golden crust for 20 minutes at 220 ° C.
  10. While the filo is baked, look into the formation of the second, the base of which was previously placed in the refrigerator.
  11. Cut the finished dish with a knife into portions.If the filling is sweet, then the product is recommended to decorate with powdered sugar.

Finally we give you some tips. First of all, no matter what recipe you choose, the main task is to achieve the finest test. Secondly, so that the sweet filling does not spread, sprinkle it with semolina, and then only form a strudel.

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