How to cope with the whims of a child

You will need
  • Patience, strength and love
When your child begins to be naughty, take him in your arms, kiss, but do not reward with anything. If this does not help, leavebabyalone, go about your business. After all, for the continuation of the performance needed public.
Make it clear that you do not take his hysteria seriously: be calm, do not give in to provocation. If it happened in a public place, carry the baby in your arms, for example, on the street, let it cry as much as you like. And in any case, do not react to the nagging.
There should not be many bans, and they must be on business. But if you have banned something or threatened something, be sure to follow. From time to time, the child will test your strength, and if you give up at least once, the baby will literally twist the rope from you. Agree on the same with the rest of the adults in the family: there is no worse if the mother forbids something, and the grandparents indulge in whims. Then toobabyfull scope for manipulation. Also because of this, parental authority falls.
All rituals and once-for-all established daily regimen are very helpful in establishing an even, quiet relationship. So, the awakening is good to start with kisses or games, and to go to bed with a fairy tale or lullaby, so that the child knows that there is always a good and interesting thing ahead of him. Your departure-parish can also be accompanied by a ritual. Always explain exactly when you will return (“when you sleep, play, eat”), kiss before leaving, sometimes bring something tasty or interesting with you.

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