How to create a party?

In the Russian state, the way society is characterized as democratic, so everyone, without exception, members of society have the right to create their own political party or public organization. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, because before creating a party, its founder must study a number of normative and legislative acts regulating the creation and activity of parties and social movements. If in the process of creating a party the law is violated, then the activity of the party will either be terminated or it will not even be able to be registered and, accordingly, will exist on legal grounds.

How to create a political party

Federal Law No. 95, which entered into force on June 11, 2001, the full name of which sounds like “On political parties”, regulates not only the creation but also the registration of political parties in the territory of the Russian Federation. By the way, to get acquainted with this Federal Law before creating a political party, we recommend, passing by. Before registering a political party, you need to make sure that its number was not less than 100 thousand people.This means that it is necessary to carry out large-scale work to attract members to the ranks of the newly created political party. But this does not mean that your political party can not carry out its activities without registration. Already having N-th number of participants, you can lead the party that will carry out its activities.

It should not be forgotten that when creating a batch it is necessary to consider how to name the batch. The name of the party, as a rule, reflects the general concept of its activities, goals and the direction in which it will work. In the name of the party, it is desirable to indicate what views the supporters of the party hold - liberal, socialist, democratic or communist. Of course, you can create a party that will directly participate in the struggle for the preservation of the animal world or ecology in your region, and subsequently in the territory of the Russian Federation. If you create such a party, then its name should contain the word “ecology” or “animal” or words from the synonymic series of these words.

How to register a batch

As already mentioned above, in order to register a party, it is necessary to gather at least 100 thousand people under its banners. A clear structure and extensive support for social activities is the foundation for the successful functioning of any political party. Please note that in this matter it is completely unimportant how many years the party has existed, the main thing is that society likes its activities. There are parties that have been operating for decades and their number is much smaller than the parties created two years ago. It all depends on the degree of public interest in the activities of the party, as well as on how well the organizers have thought through how to make the party.

The program and the charter are the first and important attributes of any party that are approved at the constituent congress of the party. The founders of a political party are the delegates of the constituent congress, who become the first members of the established party. Their names in the party list are under the first numbers. The way a party is created depends on the sequence of its registration.

If a public organization or a movement is transformed into a political party, the day it is created will bewhich was recorded in the unified state register of legal entities. Therefore, how to register a party in your case should be considered on the basis of the method of its organization. The party’s structure should include not only the central committee, but also regional offices that will spread the party’s influence in the regions, attracting new people. They do not have to be party members.

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