How to create an organization?

Creating a non-profit organization is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Since its registration is associated with various restrictions and long collection and filing of various papers. If difficulties do not frighten you, you need to try. Our article will help you understand the issues of how to organize a public organization.

Public organization

First you need to find out what organization is called public. This term is called the association of people, created with the purpose of defending common interests and the fulfillment of the tasks set before the organization. Non-profit organizations may even be engaged in entrepreneurial activity if it helps to achieve the goals set. Public organizations include public organizations, foundations, movements, institutions and public amateur activities.

For more information, see What is an organization.

Registration of an organization

  1. A public organization can be registered by at least three people (several people), each of whom is an adult and capable.Of legal entities, only other non-profit organizations are entitled to establish such associations.
  2. Before you register a public organization, you need to think of a name for it. It must be unique and reflect its activities. In addition, the name must include the designation of territorial activity. Unlike other legal entities, the activity of public organizations is possible only in a certain territory.
  3. In addition to the name, it is necessary to prescribe the charter of the organization at the organizational meeting, as well as to draw up a protocol of the decision on its creation. Together with the documents that confirm the right to use the legal address, and a receipt for payment of state duty in the amount of 4,000 rubles, they are submitted to the Ministry of Justice for registration of the Public Organization.
  4. The entire registration process takes about 60 days. The decision on registration is made by an employee of the Ministries. If it is positive, then all the necessary documents are sent to the tax authority. Here in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities all the necessary information about a non-profit organization is entered. For this procedure, the tax authority is given 5 days.After entering the information in the register, the tax informs the Ministry of this. After that, within 5-8 days the applicant is prepared to issue a certificate of registration.
  5. After receiving this document, a public organization receives the status of a legal entity. But the creation process is not over. You have yet to put it on record in the tax and statistical agencies.
  6. The public organization should visit the bank where it is necessary to open an account and notify the tax structure of this no later than 5 working days. The final chord is the organization�s registration with the Social Insurance Fund, compulsory medical insurance and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

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