How to deal with edema

If you suffer from the accumulation of liquids in the tissues, it is necessary not only to observe the drinking regime, but also special exercises from edema. In addition, when this problem is good help decoctions of herbs.

Herbal medicine will save from the problem

Traditional healers know how to remove puffiness with the help of herbs. Such a conservative treatment is the most effective.
As a diuretic and at the same time vitamin composition, berries of cranberry, rosehip and hawthorn mixed in equal proportions are used. Also, you can add a little dried apricots and other dried fruits to compensate for the leaching of minerals. Taking on a pinch of berries, you need to fill them with a liter of boiling water and leave in a thermos for the night. In the morning to drink as usual tea.
In severe puffiness, a recipe based on onion and garlic peel mixed with a leaf of lingonberry, juniper berries, celery root and petioles helps. The components taken in identical parts need to be crushed in the coffee grinder. At 0.5 hot water, pour 2 tablespoons of powder and insist half an hour.Drink in small sips throughout the day.
All interested in how to remove the swelling with herbs, help ordinary parsley. The leaves and roots of the plant have a good diuretic effect. In addition, parsley decoction is very useful for cystitis and inflammation of the ovaries.

Gymnastic complex

It is not always possible to drink herbs decoctions without restrictions. For example, many plants are contraindicated in pregnant women. Therefore, those who are in position need exercise from edema.
A very effective exercise that drives blood through the veins is rolling from heel to toe. Walking on the socks for a few minutes will also help ease the swelling. Actions need to be repeated every 2-3 hours. By the way, such exercises are the prevention of varicose veins.
In addition, it will be useful to make a towel or a sheet with your toes. You can collect items from the floor, roll the ball or the rolling pin.
Very well helps to fight swelling exercise "bike". Only feet must be held vertically during execution.

Additional funds

Having learned how to deal with edema with the help of herbal medicine and gymnastics, it is worthwhile to include in the daily procedures a contrast shower, cold foot baths with salt and pine needles, as well as drink at least 1.5 liters of water and unsweetened drinks.

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