How to deal with garden ants

You will need
  • - car tires;
  • - foil;
  • - adhesive belt;
  • - special bait.
Try to create a water barrier. It will be a moat with water around a certain landing. This method is especially effective for berry and ornamental shrubs. To create such a water hazard you will need a tire from a car. Cut it into 2 halves along the tread. Thread through the bush and gently bury the halves of the tire in the ground. This must be done in such a way that their edges protrude slightly above the soil surface. After that, pour water into the ditch. Thus, you will create a specific barrier for garden ants.
No less effectively protect the crop by using special skirts made of foil. This is a simple but effective method. Wrap the foil around the required fit and fasten it so that a skirt with a sufficiently sharp edge is formed.Garden ants are not so flexible to overcome this obstacle.
To date, the stores offer a wide range of different means for the destruction of garden ants. Adhesive belt - perfectly copes with the task. It is designed specifically to combat insect invasions that damage the buds of garden trees, flowers and leaves. This primarily concerns caterpillars, female spiders and ants. It perfectly keeps insects stuck to it. Adhesive belt resistant to moisture and does not contain any poisons. It is very important that beneficial insects do not lure. Place the adhesive belt at a height of 70-80 cm from the ground. The most suitable period for this is the beginning of October. Spring in place of the old belt attach a new one.
Among the modern means for the destruction of garden ants is also worth noting special bait. This is an effective, fast and practical solution to this problem. Arrange the bait around the perimeter of the infield: on the paths, terrace, in the house.

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